Heavens Gate and Hells Flames

The drama ď Heavens Gate and Hells FlamesĒ was a very good play.
It was about several people who died and had to face the angle with the Lambs Book of Life whether they were prepared or not.
In one of the stories there were two girls at a party. They were making fun of a guy that was there talking about God. A guy came up to them and started talking to them. He gave them some drugs and told them that if they took the drugs it would solve all of their problems. The one girl didnít want to try the drugs at first, but by teasing her and threatening to leave her alone if she didnít the other girl convinced her to try the drugs. They both took the drugs and it killed them. When they saw the angel with the Lambs Book of Life they begged her to let them in, but it was to late, they had already had a chance when they were on earth. The devil came out and had his demons drag them into hell. They then wished that they had listened to the guy at the party.
This story tells us to always say NO to drugs and donít give in to peer pressure
Another story told about two middle-aged women that were talking about Christianity. The one lady said that she would get saved, but she wouldnít want to cram her religion into the guy that she had a crush on. She said that she had plenty of time to get saved. Just at that time a car hit them. When they got to the angel only the one ladyís name was in the book. The other lady had run out of time without even a momentís notice.
This tells us that we should not put salvation off for another minute if we are not already saved, because we never know when it will be our time to go see the angel with the Lambs Book of Life.
Another story was about two construction workers. They were working hard on a project. They took a lunch break, and started talking about the Lord. The one guy had accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior a while ago. He asked his co-worker if he had thought about getting saved. He said that he had, but he wasnít sure if he could. He was an alcoholic, and he didnít think that a man like that could be saved. The saved guy talked to him some more, and he decided to accept the Lord into his heart. Right after he got saved something that fell on them killed them. When they got to the angel the first guy was all excited and was telling the second guy that his name was in the book. The first guy went to heaven, but the second guy wasnít sure what the Lambs Book of Life was all about since he had just been saved. He asked the angel if his name was in the book. The angel said that it was, and that he could go to heaven.
This teaches us that we should always talk to our friends about Christ, because we never know when their time will come.
Another story was about two guys who met on an airplane. They found out that they had grown up on the same block. The first guy had gone to church a while ago and had gotten saved. The second guy thought that he had lived a good enough life. He was vice-president of a big company. He was on the board of a big church. The first guy told him that none of this would get him into heaven. Only if his name was in the Lambs Book of Life could he get into heaven. The engines an the air plane started to fail and the plane crashed. The two guys met again at the gates of heaven and hell. They asked the angel if their name was in the book. The angel pointed the first guy to heaven. Then the second guy started listing all the good things that he had done, but he had never asked Jesus to save