Heart Ache at Home
Here I am the one place I have always wanted to live! The Karn Island. It is the most secludes place in the world. All by myself and having the time of my life. My name is XI Hing and ever since I was four, back in 1986, I wanted to live alone. I am now 15. My mom and dad died when I was three and never had much feeling for my foster parents. My life has been hard and I am dealing with it the best I can now. I try to relax on my porch and just look at the night sky. The stars are like diamonds in the sky, and I start to feel better.
Since I turned 15, I decided that moving away from my foster parents in Beijing got me no where. I am not having the time of my life anymore. I make up jokes every once in a while and laugh. Jokes are my company. I need to see people! Since a ferry come to Karn once a month to take mail out, I thought since tomorrow the mail man was coming, I would write 3 letters to my friends. I wondered if they still lived in Beijing. They were the type of people that when you played Army, they always dodged the shots and never got shot no mater if you were at point blank! But they were coo. They were fun. That was probably my favorite time of my life. I still pretend to play Army in my open fields and woods. I have guns, grenades, wholes in grounds, and everything you can think of! It is not the same with out people. So I sent the letters to Han, Juan, and Fi Xing. The next day I gave the mailman the letters that invited them to come see me. It would be another month before I got anything back. I just sat back and relaxed and enjoyed the sparkling, beautiful sky.
About a month later, I received three letters! They all were coming to see me! I couldn’t wait! They were going to be here in two weeks! “I can’t wait,” I yelled. This is going to be a blast!
Two weeks later they arrived. We caught up on about everything that has happened since I was four. Everything seemed to change. Han, Juan, Fi Xing could not live with out television. We sat around and flipped through the channels. Han said, “Lets watch Mr. Bean.” That sounded good to all of us. Half way through the show, a line of blue came rolling across the clear television screen. It was a special report. It read, “This evening Chyna has decided to take force by 12 boats and take over the United States and all of the islands that lie in the way. “No!” I yelled. “We are going to be taken over!”
“I think it is a good time to leave now,” said Fi Xing.
“To bad the plane is not coming back for two weeks!” said Juan.
Suddenly I got an idea! Maybe the four of us could set up traps and play Army like we did in the old days. I told them and they thought it would we awesome. The only one to reject the idea was Fi Xing. He always acts like a baby. “It looks like we only have a few days. Lets get started at once!” I yelled at the top my weak lungs. I always had tons of Army clothes and surplus through my life. “Now I get to use it,” I thought! I had enough uniforms for my friends. I threw the others the uniforms and they suited up. I handed Fi Xing the bag full of TNT. I gave Juan the bad of land minds. And I gave Han the bag of guns. For me, I took a bag that had inferred glasses, flashlights, walkie-talkies, food, bags for sand bagging, fishing string, and lots of grenades. “Let’s go,” I commanded.
As we got outside, I took a look at my house. If my parents were not rich and loving, I would not have what I have today. Now I have everything I need! “Men,