Healthy Life Style

In life there are many important thing and one of those is oneself and there health. Health is so important because if you donít maintain yourself your health will become very poor and you will get sick or possibly die. Being health isnít only important because it could make you sick but also because if you live unhealthy there is a very good chance you will not be as happy as you could be. Ways to keep health are to eat nutrias foods, get lots of exercise, lots of rest, make smart choice on drugs and sex.

One way to be sure that you are keeping health is to be careful about sexually transmitted diseases. Sexually transmitted diseases are easier to catch and have grown since the early nineteen hundreds. Today in the twenty-first century people are still taking the risk of catch STDíS by practicing unsafe sex with numerous different partners, which is not a good thing. Most viri STDíS have no cure for them and are very fatal. One the other hand Bacterial STDíS are less fatal and canít be cured but if not cough in time the can cause a person to be come starel or impotence. Even if you get tested and see that you and your partner are both clean and have no STDíS a risk of unwanted pregnancy can occur which could rune your life. Honestly would you want to be fifteen and have to drop out of school to take care of a child or have to give half of your paycheck a way to pay child support?

Your heart health is another important thing that is needed to be kept up to stay healthy overall. In order to do keep you heart beating and it healthy you must watch the foods you eat and the exercise schedule that you do. Too much fast food is really bad for your hart because their food is load with grease and fat. A little grease and fat is good for you but to much is not good be cause you cholesterol will be LDL witch is a bad type of cholesterol and could cause a stroke or a hart attack. To keep your hart healthy you should eat a balance diet and exercise regularly. When you exercise you should make sure that your hart rate doesnít exceed the your limit (consult doctor to find out your limit).

A concern that people usually ignore is a safety hazard that is extremely harmful and that is smoking, the use of drugs and drinking alcohol abuse. These three things are extremely important because the long-term effect that they have on a person is crucial. People donít care about the consequence that will occur subsequently such as being charged for murder because they decided to drive drunk and killed someone, or lung cancer because you smoked to long. You could of even end up with aids or some kind of deadly disease because you used a dirty needle to get high. Another thing that could transpire is being addicted to a drug alcohol and the easiest cigarettes. Then you are always spending your money and will do anything to get your hands on the item so you can get your fix. You will start loosing friends family will be hurt because they canít stand to see the person they love going through those rugged times. The best thing to do is resist temptation and just say NO.

Personal safety is known by everyone but there viewpoint on it is ďIt will never happen to meĒ so they just ignore until it happens. Most common things that happen to a person which cause them to feel unsafe and that is bullying. Most people usually get bullied because they donít stick up for themselves and they just give in to the person bullying. An exceptionally good way to stop a bully is to notify a parent, teacher etc. If the bully doesnít stop use the technical term for what ever he is doing to you to confront him and he will must likely stop. Other common things are harassment, sexual harassment, hate crimes, physical violence and extortion. More people consider looking into these events and prepare themselves for each one so they know what