Have you ever wonder why when it starts to rain and lightening your satellite or cable goes out? It can happen in a split second. Lightening bolts strike your home, or your satellite, sending destructive pulses of energy through electrical wires. Electronic equipment such as satellite dish systems, antennas, television cable hardware, and even sprinkler systems can be damaged. Lightening is constantly striking the earth. The damages of lightening can be devastating, and costly. The outcome of lightening is over two billion dollars worth of damage, caused each year by lightening in the United States (source).
A defense against lightening has been invented, by some intense development by NASA. Who would have thought that NASA would have developed a lightening retardant cable? This story started in 1979 with inventor Sam Gasque of Flat Rock, North Carolina, creating the all in one cable for home satellite systems(source). His idea was to take the many loose wires used to power the satellite dish and
Package them into one single, neat, and durable cable. However, reports of damaged satellite dish equipment due to lightening strikes prompted Gasque to redesign his product. This redesign led to lightening retardant cable, a product that works in part to cancel magnetic field effects generated during a lightening strike. Gasque went to Nasa and studied research on lightening protection of the Space Shuttle and its launch pad. He was able to come up with a new cable, that showed 700 percent improvement over the old cable (cite). The lightening retardant cable has since been installed in several homes on a South Carolina island that has a history of frequent lightening strikes. The cable's performance was monitored for several years, during which it took several years, during which it took several direct hits. Not once was lightening carried into the homes through his cable innovation. Successful installation of the lightening retardant cable can also provide surge protection in power lines, telephone lines, and cables. As for satellite dish systems, in all cases where lightening struck an installation, the properly grounded lightening retardant cable prevented the equipment from being damaged- even in situations where telephones and televisions were destroyed. It is estimated that 250 miilion dollars of lightening damaged was reported in North Carolina alone. With this new cable which coast 39.95, lightening damage to the home can be virtually eliminated.