Have you ever realize that there is something incomplete in your life, both on the outside and from within? Whatever that may be, you have something in common with the main character from each of these works: The Little Prince, Siddhartha, and The Monkey God. All three works are about someone sensing something is missing and thus sets forth on a "journey" to fill in that hole. The Little Prince, from The Little Prince, sets on a journey to find out how to love and what he learned was more than love, it was the aspect behind taming. Siddhartha, from Siddhartha, left his life filled with riches and pleasure to seek nirvana and riddance of the "Self." And finally the half human, half monkey, from The Monkey God, sets on a search to learn how to respect and maturity to fully utilize the powers he held as a god. All three works are totally different in environment, characters, and time setting, but they all have one similar goal; to find and complete their quest.
The Little Prince\'s journey to find out how to love grows from the missing link between his flower and him. But he learns that love comes from taming which he has never heard of. Starting from the comfort of his home on Asteriod-612, he left to travel far and wide to seek the meaning of love. Having the opportunity to meet many people, he learns something from each and one of them. The king represented the evil of totalitarianism, the conceited man represents one of the evil aspects of human, the tippler showed the sorrow and pain a person can hold, the businessman showed how a person can possess greed, the lamplighter represents loyalty, one of the good sides of human being, finally meeting the geographer, the Little Prince learns curiosity and hard work. But meeting all these people still haven\'t gave the Little Prince what he wanted yet. He finally trampled upon Earth, where he will soon find what he is looking for. The first person he met on Earth was the snake, a symbol of evil and deceit. But the Little Prince was not alone as he also finds the narrator who will be his friend. Encountering the fox, the Little Prince was given what he was yearning for. The importance of taming, which brought about love, showed the Little Prince that though something may be abundant, the fact that there is a link to that something is what makes it important. Obtaining what he has wanted, the Little Prince sets back to his home exactly a year later to utilize his new wisdom, but not without first bestowing some knowledge upon the narrator. Passing what he learns from the fox to the narrator, he departed back to his home, now not a mere asteroid similar to a billion other, but a planet, a home.
Very similar to the Little Prince, Siddhartha talks about a man named Siddhartha who goes on a journey to find true wisdom. Siddhartha was born into a life filled with riches and pleasure. But having all the physical objects one could ever want, Siddhartha felt he is missing something. A voice from within cried out to him and soon Siddhartha left his home like the Little Prince to join the Samanas. With the Samanas, Siddhartha learns how to temporarily rid the "Self." But Siddhartha wants to permanent let his "Self" die so he left the Samanas to further enlighten himself. Govinda, a best friend and companion, also left his life to follow Siddhartha. Govinda parallels to the narrator as he accompanies the main character to a certain point. Siddhartha\'s quest brought him to encounter Buddha, the almighty himself. But yet he was unsuccessful in feeling complete and thus sets forth again, now alone without Govinda. Siddhartha\'s goals were not threatened by enemies or physical danger, but by the evils of human beings. Thinking he had approached the quest a wrong way, Siddhartha soon found himself trapped by greed, lies, and riches. These evils took a part of Siddhartha\'s life and before Siddhartha could escape its wrath, he learned the pleasure of love from the bearer of his child, Kamala. Loosing Govinda, Siddhartha met not only a friend, but also a