Have you ever forgiven someone? In the story of The Pigman by Paul Zindel Mr. Pignati showed John and Lorraine the meaning of forgiveness. Mr. Pignati showed them how to love, and forgive in many different ways. Mr. Pignati knew he would be able to trust John and Lorraine. The Pigman showed John and Lorraine forgiveness when they snooped around his house, when they pretended to be in the J&L fund, and when they ruined things in his house.
Mr. Pignati forgave them when they snooped around his house. John and Lorraine found out many things that The Pigman would not want them to see. They found out that his wife was really dead and was not living in California. When John walked into the bedroom he noticed that it was very neat. John decided to snoop in the closet, and he found womenís clothing. While John was snooping through the drawers, he noticed a leather case which contained womenís jewelry. Also, John found many different kinds of pictures. Even though John and Lorraine snooped through Mr. Pignatiís possessions Mr. Pignati forgave them because they were beginning to have a friendship.
Mr. Pignati also forgave them when they claimed they were in the J&L fund. Lorraine knew it was not right to take money from old people like Mr. Pignati. When they went to go pick up the money from the Pigmanís house they did not know what to expect. The Pigman wanted to become friends with them because he was very lonely. When they confessed for not being in the J&L fund the Pigman forgave them because he too, was keeping secrets.
The Pigman forgave John and Lorraine when they ruined the possessions in his home when they had the party. John was on his roller-skates and was roller-skating all around his house. Helen was wearing a dress that belonged to the parted Mrs. Pignati. Norton broke some of Mr. Pignatiís prize possessions like his pigs. John and Lorraine threw the party with out his permission. This party resulted in destroying Mr. Pignatiís house with garbage.
The Pigman gave John and Loarraine forgiveness when they snooped around his house, when they pretended to be in the J & L fund, and when they ruined the possessions in his house. Forgiveness is the act of forgiving a pardon. Since Mr. Pignati forgave the children, shouldnít we, as a society forgive each other?