Harris Butt
SCN 240
Research paper

Agriculture in America

Monsanto is an agriculture company. Their organization distributes agricultural products that support farmers in America and also in other differe nt countries. Society would think that this would benefit farmers and their crops. Making their lives and work a lot easier. Monsanto has expanded their use of agriculture on more than 2 billion acres worldwide. According to the Monsanto organization, they believe that their products improve protection from insects and disease and increase crops tolerance to different environmental stress. Monsanto claims products protect oil and energy fr om harm, protect soil fertility and natural resources, and decreases the use of toxic herbicides. Though these are all valid reasons for Monsanto to stay in business, there is another side that people are unaware of. On November 28, 2012, Monsanto filed 142 lawsuits against farmers. The lawsuits filed were against farmers who violated technology agreement and its legal protection on genetically engineered seeds.
Monsanto is the worlds leading supplier and producer of herbicides, pesticides, GMO foods and seeds. They are responsible for producing dangerous chemicals such as, Agent Orange, DDT, the Bovine growth hormone, and aspartame. They also engage in practices that are scientifically altering the genetic makeup of the food that we consume. Most of these genetically modified foods are not labeled in grocery stores. In 2007 Monsanto acquired the delta and pineland company, which held a patent on their seeds. These seeds would produce crops with sterile seeds, which would end up forcing farmers to buy their seeds from Monsanto every year. This has destroyed thousands of family farms. Monsanto's Herbicide, known as Roundup has been proven to lower testosterone and decrease fertility in men. When society started to wake up and question the true motive on Monsanto, the cooperation hired Blackwater , to gain access to anti GMO groups. Monsanto's effo rt to silence society failed. A lawsuit was filed against Monsanto where they were force to spend ninety-three million dollars on medical testing and cleanup in over forty-five hundred homes located in West Virginia. Where the Monsanto produced Agent Orange and other dangerous chemicals. Many farmers around the world also faced adversity due to Monsanto. Farmers in the U.K have banned Monsanto GMO Crops from thei r farms. When you control food, you control everything. When you control seeds, you control life.
According to a New York Times , " Monsanto Weed Killer Roundup Faces New Doubts on Safety in Unsealed Documents " , A federal judge in the United States recently ordered Monsanto to release 250 pages of internal documents. What they revealed is practically criminal. Monsanto has known for 17 yeats that Glyphosate, the main ingredient used in Pesticide Roundup, could cause cancer. They launched a massive cover up to mak e sure society never found out. The released document's known as, "dubbed the Monsanto papers", show the agricultural giant has been manipulating research, colluding with a senior government official at the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Monsanto was providing bogus articles to government agencies all to refute the fact that glyphosate is a carcinogen. In 1999, Monsanto commissioned a researcher to study Glyphosate and prove that it does not cause cancer. However the scientist found just the opposite. The Glyphosate had properties likely to be carcinogenic. Rather than do to the ethical thing and stop using Glyphosate, Monsanto buried the study and began a massive campaign to "prove" that Glyphosate did not cause cancer. Internal cooperate communications uncovered by the courts show that Monsanto conspired with an EPA deputy director to stop reviews of the effects of Glyphosate by government agencies. The same EPA official also tipped off the company to a Glyphosate report that as released by the international agency for research on cancer. This gave Monsanto the time to build a public relations onslaught against the findings.
Monsanto paid for their own studies defending Glyphosate use. They hired scientist to write articles for academic journals using the studies. The EPA and the European food safety then used these articles to determine that Roundup was safe to use on food crops. Society knows about the cover-up because of a lawsuit by people claiming they got