Hamlet, one of many plays written by William Shakespeare, is in my opinion, his greatest work. In this epic tragedy, Hamlet's father, the king of denmark, is killed by his brother, Claudius. Only two months later, Claudius marries the queen and inherits the throne. Hamlets father appears to Hamlet in the form of a ghost and reveals this information to him. He requests that Hamlet get revenge on Claudius for the terrible deed he has done.
Hamlet Wants to avenge his father, but he does is indecisive, and doesn't have a strong will. He begins to act crazy, and talks out of his ass a lot.
Claudius forces Ophelia, the love of hamlets life, to return all of hamlets gifts, which infuriates hamlet.
claudius Decides to have gertrude (the queen) talk to hamlet while Polonius (kings advisor) hides behind a curtain to find out if hamlet is crazy. Hamlet discovers that someone is listening to the conversation and staps through the curtain, killing polonius.
Ophelia begins to go crazy due to all the choas, & drowns in a lake. this was possibly a suicide. When Her brother Laertes returns from France only to find the his father and sister are dead, sets out to kill hamlet for causing all of this calamity.
Hamlet and Laertes engage in a fencing competition, but Laertes Poisens his rapier. during the bout, Gertrude drinks of the poisened wine that was meant for hamlet. In the competition, Hamlet is mortally wounded by the poisened sword, but is able to exchange swords with Laertes & kill him. He then pursues Claudius & runs him through with the sword. to make sure he dies, Hamlet forces the king to drink of the poisened cup. By killing Claudius, he avenged his father, but not without losing his own life.
In his dying words, hamlet leaves the throne of Denmark Fortenbras, who is returning from a war.
This play is full if plots, twists, and amazing dialogue that any reader would enjoy.