Hamlet and King Lear

are a lot of similarities in two Shakespeare stories HAMLET
and KING LEAR. I guess its because of the style in which
Shakes peare wrote. William Shakespeare wrote three
kinds of stories: comedy, tragedy and history. Both of these
books are tragedies and they are very similar tragedies. In
both of these stories there is a feud going on within the
family. And in both the feud is between the children and their
parents or relatives. Hamlet is looking for the revenge on his
uncle for killing Hamlets father and hes upset with his mother
marrying the murderer. Here Lears evil daughters try to
completely destroy their father. Lear calls his daughters and
asks them who loves the most. Regan and Goneril lie just to
get Lears land and power. Cordelia honestly answers Lear
and for that is given away to France, because Lear has gone
out of his mind. After Lear gives out almost all his land he
realizes his wrongdoing and tries to restore his power. But
now its too late, because his daughters already took away all
the land. He sees how evil his daughters really are and they
dont love him at all, so he curses them. Now Lear appears
to be crazy from his actions, but in reality he exactly knows
what is going on. Hamlet saw the ghost of his father and it
told Hamlet that his uncle killed him to become the king. This
shows that the person will even commit murder to get
control of the country, just like we see in KING LEAR.
After the ghost appeared to Hamlet, he started to act like he
was crazy. But just like Lear, in reality he wasnt crazy, he
was thinking of how to get back at his uncle. The endings of
both stories are very similar. Besides the fact that all the
main characters in both stories die, its how they die thats
interesting. Because Goneril wants to get Edmund, she
poisons her sister Regan. Hamlets uncle wants to poison
Hamlet, but by mistake he poisoned his wife, Hamlets
mother. Hamlet by mistake kills his uncle servant Polonius.
Because of the death of her father Ophelia (Polonius
daughter) goes insane and later kills herself. Because
Gonerils plan didnt work, she kills herself. At the end there
is a duel between Edgar and Edmund, where Edgar kills his
bastard brother. At the end of HAMLET there is a duel
between Hamlet and Polonius son, where Hamlet wins but in
process gets cut by a poisonous sword; He dies. And finally
during the duel Hamlet also kills his uncle getting his revenge,
but loosing his life. After Polonia is found dead, Lear totally
goes insane and thinking that his daughter is still alive he dies.
And at the very end Kent says, My master is dead I have no
reason to live, and kills himself. Just like at the end of
HAMLET, Hamlets servant and friend also says the same
and also kills himself. In conclusion: both of these plays are
tragedies, a very close connections throughout the play, and
a very similar endings.