Habits in our society
People pick up the habit of smoking everyday. Whether they see someone else smoking, see an add for a certain brand of cigarettes, or are pressured by our peers, the habit has started. Habits are all around us. Whether they are good or bad we see them and carry them out every day. These habits are a vital part of not only our economy, but also our society and environment.
Without habits many people would be left without jobs. One of the biggest producers of tobacco in the United States of America is our home state, North Carolina. Without the need for tobacco farmers, would be without jobs. The cigarette companies then would not be needed. The producers of cigarette paper (such as Ecusta) would not be needed and Ecusta has the biggest payroll in Brevard. If there were suddenly no need for cigarette papers then a lot of people in Brevard would be without jobs. Another big business is the producers of beer and liquor. We don't have many breweries around here but when I visited Milwuakee I had the chance to visit the Plank Road Breweries. They didn't tell exactly how many people worked there but I'm sure there are a lot, and that's just in one town. Then there are the truck drivers for the companies. Another store that would be shut down without liquor is the ABC store. There would be no reason to have them around if there was no liquor. All of these people, and probably others not listed would be out of jobs. Money is also put into the economy by those who are against smoking, drinking, and other habits that are considered bad. Chewing gum, nicotine patches, and other items used to help smokers kick the habit would serve no purpose without the habit. Employees of such clinics as Trend and Charter would not be needed if these habits were not started.
The two examples above are habits that society considers bad, but there are also good habits that keep the economy strong. Such examples are using a toothbrush for dental care and using shampoo. Without these habits, not only would the people who sell and distribute the items be out of business, but also there would be a lot of unhealthy people.
Habits are not only good for our economy, but also they are good for our society and environment. Anything you do to help make either people happier or the environment a cleaner place can become a good habit, if done on a regular basis. Things such as picking up trash, recycling, or not littering can help the environment become a better place. Helping out an elderly person or a neighbor in trouble can also let people know you care about them and society.
Habits, good or bad are not only good for our economy, but also for our society and environment. Without people picking up habits such as smoking there would be a lot less jobs. Even though the habit that is picked up can be bad for a person's health; the habit puts money into the economy. The habits that are bad for ones health can hurt society, but the habit is already here. There is nothing anyone can do to stop the habits from continuing to spread, so as long as the government continues to allow companies to sell cigarettes and alcohol, the economy might as well continue to make money and put people in jobs. Other habits such as picking up trash and helping people out show that people do care what happens to other and the environment. Habits are necessary for not only our economy, but also our environment and society to continue to thrive.