Hate has lived ever since the dawn of time. Depending on others so it maybe survive and possibly conquer. Still today itıs at the same place itıs always been. There is one such group that I hate, not so much for their appearance, but for their attitude, closed mindedness and opinionated views.

The philosophy of this group is very simple: that one must either smoke (narcotics or tobacco) or one must be rich or have the appearance of being rich. All members of this club wear rather expensive clothes that usually give them the appearance of being big shots, mean, ³cool² and powerful (although, deep down they are nothing of the sort).

Being dogmatic is almost effortless to this assembly. This is because they believe in what only they themselves do. Individuals outside of this ³club² are seen as strangers, ³weirdos², ³nerds² and unintelligible. Although, if they were to take a GOOD long look in the mirror, they would see what they dread most...the truth. The truth being that they do not have many friends within the school, that they are the strangers, ³weirdos², ³nerds² and unintelligible ones.

The unyielding views of this group are rather snobbish. They will not see others as what they are inside, but rather what they seem to be on the outer shell. They judge what they can from where they stand (usually from far away). Not from within. They will discriminate against others for what their interests are, their beliefs and appearance. They do not see that others are ridiculing them for those exact features.

Hate has lived for thousands of years and will live for as long as there is life it self is present. The HGWBS is but one thing towards which I express my hate, hate that is due to theyıre demeanor, dictatorial minds and prejudiced points of view.