Guns are as American as baseball, real rock 'n roll, and apple pie. It is because of our long
militant history that properly educated Americans have the right and the duty to own and use as many
of the most powerful weapons as we can afford.

The second amendment of the Constitution of the United States states: "A well regulated
Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms,
shall not be infringed." The framers of the Constitution believed that this amendment was so important
that they not only placed it second but also refused to sign the Constitution without it. However, there
are many gun opponents who believe that "the right to keep and bear Arms" refers to the Militia. It
would be very repetitive though to say that an army needs to armed. Therefore, this must refer to the
average American citizen. Perhaps the reason that gun opponents want America unarmed is because
they are really Communist infiltrators who want America weak and open to invasion.

When America won its independence, we were nothing more that a backwoods frontier
country. Our borders were surrounded by Indians and wild animals. Guns were a necessity. Afterall,
was a frontiersman expected to battle off a band of Indians or a hungry bear with the toothpick in his
Swiss Army knife? No. He needed to have as many of the latest guns as he could afford to carry.

The frontiersman has always been depicted as a gun- slinger. Hollywood's most famous were
Clint Eastwood, John Wayne and Ben Cartwright. All three always had a six-shooter visible and
none ever missed the target. These common citizens and real life stars like Wyatt Earp helped to
clean out the uneducated outlaw remnants of the anti- American Confederate Army. Even though
every Indian in the West was a friend of Ben Cartwright, he still carried two guns on his waist and
kept a gun closet in his house full of rifles and shotguns. All these guns were used to protect his land
and family from outlaws.

Our country is still plagued by outlaws. Today's outlaws and desperadoes consists of drug
dealers and urban youth. They have no concept of life and death and therefore more murders are
committed by them than by any other group of people. Taking away there guns is not the answer. On
one episode of All in the Family Gloria told her father Archie that more people were killed in
America by guns than by any other weapon. In response he said to her, "Would you feel better little
goyl if theys was pushed out of a window?" His grammar may be off but his idea is right on track.
Without guns, criminals would simply turn to other weapons. They would all be wearing trench coats
to cover up their Robin Hood bows and arrow, swords, and crossbows. Perhaps rather than cleanly
shooting someone, the criminals of New York City could join up with the Wildman of 43rd St. and
go on rampages were they eliminate their enemies by disemboweling and decapitating them with
machetes. This is a very real possibility. In the movie Gettysburg, when one Union outfit ran out of
ammunition, they charged down a hill with reusable bayonets. Guns are only used because the user
can kill someone without getting close and putting their own life in danger.

Guns don't kill, people do. Many gun opponents are trying to ban certain types of assault
rifles. They feel safer knowing that criminals are only carrying small guns. If a person is walking down
the street carrying a .22, no one cares. But if they are carrying a grenade launcher or a 20mm aircraft
gun then everyone wants to ban the gun. If someone is going to walk down the street with one of
these guns then the person, not the gun should be banned. Banning these guns could be dangerous. If
an Eskimo in Alaska had the misfortune of running into an angry polar bear, then a .22 would be
quite useless. A .22 bullet is about the size of a BB. But, if the Eskimo had some grenades or a
20mm gun which shoots three inch bullets, then he could kill the bear and bring home dinner and a
nice rug. Deer hunters would also be affected by bans. He could shoot a deer with a .22 or an
arrow. This would result in