The Aegean sea, is a body of water 380 miles long 186 miles wide, it is connected through the striates of Dardanelles, the Sea of Marmara, and the Bosporus with the Black Sea (Britannica "Aegean sea"). This sea is the critical geographical feature that made it possible for many of the Greek’s contributions that affect are lives even today.
The Greece is a land that is very rocky and mountains. This was an asset as well as a problem. Because the lands rocky mountains and hills served as a protection from invaders it also breaks down land travel communication and only 1/3 of the land is good for farming (World Book "Greece"). After a while the Greases were becoming too much for the land to handle. So in 700\'s the Polises sent out the groups from their city-states to colonies the coastal areas around the Aegean Sea (Glencoe). After the Greeks stated to colonize many changes happened in Greece. One of the first is that the Greek farmers started to just grow cash crops instead of everything they needed to eat. These cash crops where olive oil, wine, pottery. The next was that Greek farms took less work science they would only grow one or two crops. This lead to having more people as craftsmen, writers, mathematicians, and other people contributing to the community. Living in the cities increased as well as goods to trade and sell.
Trade between the Greece city-states became a part of life. There were only two types of transportation in those days. By cart or by ship, because the surrounding sea and that on where in Greece is over 40 miles from the water (Glencoe) shipping became a big industry. With all of these goods to move and trade, Greece built up a huge merchant fleet that became the largest fleet in the world and is still today(World Book "Greece").
The Sea also became a way of communication especially over long distances. The other form of communication was to send a runner over land. But this was slow and the runners could not travel very long distances (World Book "Greece"). The sea was the way that letters and books could be read all over the world.
The Aegean sea has very rough water with a strong North wind. Because Greek ships could only sail when backed by wind most merchants only made one round trip a year. () With all of the merchants that were through out the Greek colonies and other countries they became very learned men. So with all of these ideas from foreign city-state\'s governments. The merchants became very helpful at home with there government’s in solving problems at home.
Greece a world of trade, the accent gods, of great minds, and beauty could have never been even close to as great as they where if they where land locked. I believe that they would just be remembered for there little city states and maybe some artists< but most of these great men that made such great contributions would have probably working in some rocky field from dawn till dusk. Just to feed there families and make some sort of a living.