Great Expectations

-Pip’s depiction-

Pip grows from a country child into a gentleman through a series of painful lessons life gives him. From Joe, Miss Havisham and Magwitch he finds out that common sense, integrity, esteem, affection and love for one’s fellow being are more important than social status or money, although both are necessary.

Pip changes throughout the novel due to a series of “obstacles” he encounters. These stumbling blocks contribute to the overall outline of the character.

At first, he is just a lad, born in a less-than-decent society, the rural world. Pip finds nothing harmful in his existence until he comes across Magwitch, an evaded convict. As soon as Pip helps his forthcoming benefactor, his life crooks to a completely different path.

The roundness of his nature emerges once he makes acquaintance to Miss Havisham, who is doubtlessly, the most fateful character of the novel. Her interest to Pip increases and she wants him to become her personal entertainer. Once he gets a little comprehension about the state of affairs at Satis House, he is genuinely and profoundly attracted to Estella, Miss Havinsham protégé. Since the first visit to Satis House, Estella is seemingly going to be of an acutely usefulness to Pip. She had been raised by Miss Havisham as a retaliator on men.

Her social rank affects Pip’s viewpoint upon life and he is willing to take any risk and to try anything in order for him to achieve gentlemanliness. He also adopts a snobbish attitude towards Joe, although he is perfectly conscious of it.

As soon as Pip finds out he is the owner of a relatively big fortune, he agrees to take all the compromises and accepts the proposal. He was to go to London by himself, away from those whom he had loved. He instantly overcomes this weakness and changes rather swiftly, leaving everything behind. We can even talk about dynamics in Pip’s character. He evolves and he regresses along with the events he comes upon. His development is somewhat parabolic. Merely at full-fledged stage, we can talk about a proper evolution, for the character realizes the true values he learned hitherto. During his childhood, Pip is deceived by the outward aspect of life.

Furthermore, Pip considers himself a privileged fellow. He knows fate is responsible for his moment and he comes to the decision not to kick this occasion away. He regards privilege as a gateway linking his former status to this new and flourishing one.

As he reached matureness, Pip realized several aspects of life he had never thought about. Having become a nobleman, he contemplates about who he really is. The sudden unexpected meeting with Magwitch gives him something else he should take very seriously into consideration.

As he had never thought this man was ever going to transpire, Pip recollects when he ran into the prisoner and he eventually helped him avoid the law and the authorities. He had, hence, saved Magwitch’s life. Therefore, Pip realized he had done something useful and constructive, for Magwitch had never been an evildoer in his whole life. Young Pip is thankful for what he got in exchange for his unbelievable and astonishing act of audacity. It is fortune, prosperity and above all, esteem, he has gained from this life-changing circumstance. He also apprehends he should not take prejudice in his thinking, as every fellow-being is sketched by good and evil traits. His due is to decide which features the person is most dominated by. Based upon Freud’s theory, everyone possesses conscience, an evildoing slot and, the most important, superego, which acts like a buffer-zone between the conscience and that evil slot. Education, culture and scholarship strengthen this separating area which would, otherwise, release all the negative attributes of one’s nature.

Pip increasingly feels attracted to Estella, who is no longer an avenger on men. She had become tranquil and peaceful. She has mutual feelings towards Pip, but she enters into a loveless marriage to Drummle, who is cruel to her. This shows that no matter how heartless one tries to be, there is always someone more callous and more cold-blooded.

Pip comprehends that Miss Havisham had her very significant status considering his life. Introducing Estella to him, Miss Havisham unsealed Pip’s heart and his aspiration for absolute love. Estella was a