Grand Final

It was the Grand Final day for my basketball season as I sat in the car, a little bewildered ad a bit dumbfounded. My dad and I were off to the greatest basketball game in my life. I was always the only bashful boy in my team and was despised of, due to the lack of skill I had. As we made our way to the final, I grew worried and grew tenser, as I the thought of letting my team down dawned on me. We finally arrived, at our destination, The Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre, which is where my final is held. It was the Vikings versus the Sharks as the game started and the clock kept ticking away. I was under a lot of pressure by the home team audience but played well. After a long and hard fought battle, we won the game by a margin of four points. We all received a small trophy each and a flag for winning the basketball season. I also received another trophy because I was voted as most important player by the team. I was really proud of my dad that day for taking me for extra practices and giving up his time, but also how well we played as a team. That day of winning the grand final gave me the greatest happiness and shall forever a true memory.

It was the Grand Final day for my basketball season as I sat in the car, a little bewildered and a bit dumbfounded. All the hard training sessions and matches played, all paid off, as we finish off with a fight for the top. Even my dad wanted me to do well, so he gave up his relaxation time for me and arranged extra practice sessions at the local primary school.

I felt very nervous and grew cold. My dad looked at me, saw how anxious and tense I was and asked me to calm down. I thought to myself ‘DAD! How on Earth can I calm down! I have a grand final to play!’ I was the odd one out of my team, as I was short, a little overweight and lacked skill. I never really enjoy basketball because I feel as though I am the weakest out of all and I do not contribute to winning at all. I spend the majority of the time of games on the bench and now I have a grand final to play. How are we going to win?

We finally arrived at the long awaited Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre for the final showdown. It was the Vikings versus the Sharks. The game started, as the clock kept ticking away. I started off at the bench as usual, as I watched my team mates strive for their best to win. The Sharks were leading us by quite lot as half time was closing in. The siren went off, as the team gathered round for a meeting on the side. Our coach Henry decided that there was no hope at all of winning as they were to far ahead. He then patted me on the back and told me to go on and play. ‘BEEP,’ the buzzer went, as I took of my jumper and ran onto the court.

It was now my time to shine and to show my dad and team that all the training sessions and extra ones had paid off. Nervous, and hurt by my coach, I was willing to give all I had within me. We had to play tactfully and skillfully to overcome our weaknesses in order to win. I could see the team starting to die out and not put in all their effort as the coach had said that there was no hope of winning at all. I signaled the coach for a timeout and decided to call upon a meeting.

“Guys, not all hope is lost. Henry is not right, there is always a chance for a come back. We need to work hard and give it our best! Not just die and lose without a fight because our coach said we would lose.” With those very words, my fellow team mates all had bright