Government Exam

I was not raised by a family that took political issues into consideration. I rarely heard my family bring up political topics. My family is from El Salvador; a country that has a very different central government that the United States. My family came to the United States when I was very young. I believe this was a large factor in why my family never discussed political issues. I never heard anything about politics and government issues in America from my family was because there was a language barrier, lack of knowledge and a lack of interest in the new government they were now in. I believe that if I was raised differently my thoughts about politics might be different than they are now. If I heard constant discussions about politics in my family about how the government has helped or made things more difficult for them I would probably have a more definite place in our government today.

Government was first introduced to me when I began junior high school. I was very confused and did not know too much about our government. It came to be very frustrating not knowing or understanding anything about government issues. I did very poorly in my classes that involved government. I would read articles in the newspapers or magazines discussing political issues but I was not able to relate to them simply because of my lack of knowledge in our government. I did not know what each political party main objective was or what they meant. I really did feel left out from the country. I did not know what was going on and did not know if I could be affected by any if the issues that were open.

I came to know and understand how the government works, when I was pregnant with my son. I went to the Department of Health and Human Services to apply for Medicaid for my son and myself. I was very surprised in the location and atmosphere of this place. I thought that since it was a government facility that it would rundown and poorly maintained. This place was the complete opposite. I went in and came out in 30 minutes. I could see all the tax payers money was going into an appropriate use. I was very surprised. I then received a letter from them letting me know that I qualified for Medicaid. I was really glad to know that the government was helping me in my time of need. I was able to choose any doctor for my son and myself. At the same time that I received Medicaid, I also qualified for WIC. WIC (Women, Infants and Children) provides food, nutrition counseling and access to health services. I was able to receive the pure essentials needed for me during my pregnancy such as milk, eggs, and cereal. Once my son was born I never had to pay for his formula milk, it was all provided for me.

I receive Financial Aid from the government for school. I qualified to receive a Pell Grant that I do not have to pay back. This is just money for me to go to college. This has helped me tremendously. I know that I cannot afford to pay my own tuition and supplies on my own. I even receive a check in the mail for what I do not use for school. Itís like Iím getting paid for going to college. I also know that there are some students that want to get a higher education but do not get the help from the government that they need. Some students cannot afford to pay for college and choose not to attend. These are the people that are going to be the future CEOís of major corporations, the next government officials and todayís government is choosing not to help these students. This is very hard for me to understand why the government chooses not help these students wanting to get an education. This situation gives students a bad perspective in our government and puts them in a bind from getting an education. I think that the government should help the students that want to get a higher education. Limiting them from getting