Imagine you have been one of the greatest players in
Hockey for over thirty-five years. You have played hockey for over thirty years. This is Gordie Howe’s life. In his early life he skated on ice patches in his yard. He accomplished many goals
and got many awards. In his later life he set many high records in hockey.
Gordie was born March 13, 1928 in Floral, Saskatchewan. Gordie was the sixth born out of nine children. When he was only nine days old his family moved to Saskatoon, Canada. When he was about five Gordie’s mother brought home a pair of ice skates. He would skate on ice patches in the yard or go to a small pond. He skated all day. He only came into eat and then he would go right back out. In a couple more years he got his first hockey stick. He played with friends on a small frozen pond. He wanted to play hockey for life.
Gordie played for the Toronto Maple Leafs for a couple of years then he went to the Detroit Red Wings for around twenty-five years. He played four Detroit Stanley Cup championships. He was the league's leading scorer six times. He was also named “Mr. Hockey.” He is in the Hockey Hall of Fame for all kinds of high records. He had 1,518 assists, 1,071 goals; he scored 2,589 points, and played in 2,421 games. He also received the Hart Trophy as NHL’S most valuable player six times. He managed to came back and play a few more games in his life.
Gordie got married and had a daughter named Cathy. He married Colleen Howe. He did live in Detroit, Michigan and then in Canada. Gordie faced retirement. That was very hard for him. He also faced returning to the ice to play a few games in his career. Last year he played under a minute for Detroit Vipers.
Gordie has played hockey for over thirty years. He is in the Hockey Hall of Fame for all kinds of high records. He still
plays a little hockey now and again. We still remember him as one of the greatest players in hockey to ever skate on the ice.

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