Good Will Hunting

As human beings, we all possess an unconditional need for some type of love. It doesn't matter where it comes from or how it is received because we all have our own perceptions of what love truly entails. What does matter is that love from another person is available, and that both people sincerely express it. The most important thing is that we have to be able to trust others with our hearts and ourselves.
In the movie Good Will Hunting, the main character struggles with trying to understand the depths of love throughout most of his life. Will Hunting's parents abandoned and abused him, which left him with false perceptions of affection. His problem is quite ironic considering the fact that Will is pure genius, with a photographic memory and an incredibly strong working knowledge of various aspects in life.
Through the words expressed by scores of poets and writers throughout history, Will is able to understand love only in the abstract sense. His psychologist, Shawn, says that we all need a soulmate -- someone who touches us and opens our minds in ways we never thought possible. Will undoubtedly challenges others day after day, and that is why so many people were drawn to him out of sheer amazement. But, they weren't afraid to get to know him, and they all chose to let him into their lives in hopes that he would do the same. The problem is that he never knew how to do this. In turn, he couldn't fully enjoy life because he had no one to share it with.
Like many others, Will needs someone to believe in him and appreciate who he is, and what he stands for. He needs someone to teach him and show him how to love and how to trust. Shawn was the open door for him to walk through, and he provided Will with a supportive and accepting type of love. In a sense, Shawn served as the father figure that Will never had while growing up. He shared stories of his life and most importantly, the love he shared with his wife, Nancy. He taught Will that true love consists of remembering the little things about a person like quirks, idiosyncrasies and imperfections. That is the "good stuff," and the stuff that we will carry with us throughout life.
Skylar was somewhat of a test for Will, and she opened his eyes and challenged him without his realizing it. That is why, at first, he could never say "I love you" back to her with sincerity. She forced Will to trust what Shawn taught him, and he was then finally able to experience it in his own life. Will learned to love and trust him due to Shawn's gentle and accepting nature. Because of this, Will was able to conjure up his love for Skylar without any fears.
There is also a type of love that remains constant in our lives that we experience by way of friendship. Good, close friends are immediate sources of unconditional love and appreciation. Will's friends all understand the depths of him and therefore, never passed judgement. They are grateful for his existence and feel honored to be his friend. They know he is extraordinary, and that makes them love him all the more. Will's friends are average people who aren't going to change much, and they'll be living in the same place for the rest of their lives. Their love will perpetually linger inside of him, and Will knows that he can always go home to his loving friends.
This movie does a commendable job at portraying love as an essential characteristic of life. The characters all balanced each other out, and they succeeded at depicting the wide-ranged spectrum of love. It shows how various forms of love are necessities, and we can't live a worthy life without people there to care for us and mold us into who we are today, and what we will become tomorrow.