Good Deeds

Sometimes in life, during certain situations life can be so hard, so difficult to grasp; that\'s how I feel I want to do so many things but then at the same time I\'m only one person. Throughout my life, I have been faced with many obstacles and challenges. By having perseverance, I was able to overcome most of them.

If i inherited millions of dollars what good deeds would you fund and why?

First, I would fund any any programs that help children and I would visit neighborhoods to assure that there are learning and recreation institutions in the neighborhood. i would want to help America\'s children because they are our future and perhaps a great resource to America. We are always worrying about children in other countries but we never worry about our own children, that\'s bad because we should make sure that our people are doing fine before we start worrying about other people. Also I think that the American children are being ignored, neglected, and stereotyped. Not all of us are bad or a waste, there are some of us that do care about the future. But, many children are still being treated like if they had no potential whatsoever. There are many children out there suffering, and not getting the opportunities other fortunate children get. It would be nice to see all or most of the children make progress and become America\'s great resource.

The second place I would donate money to, is to a disease foundation to find cures for diseases like AIDS virus and AIDS. I would donate money for this kind of research because, it\'s sad to see someone die that way. It\'s hard on the person and their family. Even though today a cure for AIDS may seem impossible some money and a little faith can help. Also I\'d donate money so there are AIDS awareness classes for children and teenagers in particular because this is the age group where people begin sexual relationships and a class that teaches people what their options are and how to use certain contraceptives which is important because sometimes people are embarrassed to ask about those things, they end up not using protection and end up with an STD or pregnant.

I\'d fund a cancer awareness class. There are so many types of cancers it\'s scary. I think this class would be helpful to those people who think they are invincible and don\'t take care of their health, especially those that have a family history of a certain cancer. Another reason why I would fund a cancer awareness awareness class is because usually everyone worries about other health problems, and because you usually don\'t see any cancer awareness classes.

I would also fund animal protection center and wildlife refuges because many animals are getting killed or hurt unnecessarily and many animals are on the verge of becoming extinct. I don\'t think it\'s fair to take the life of a creature just for fun or because it is bear or duck season. People should be more concerned of an animal becoming extinct. Some animals are important to nature and it\'s equilibrium and if they are gone, what will become of nature? And what will become of us?

If I had the money, I wouldn\'t have any problem giving it to people and to organizations that really need it. Because I have compassion for living things and people. I believe that we are all in this world together to make the world a better place. Especially the children who need our love, support, and guidance as well as discipline, so that they can succeed

Through the years, I have achieved the most success when encouraged and surrounded by role models.

Day by day, the devil mumbled repeatedly in my conscious that I do not have much time left to compose my essay. With the small amount of remaining time, I decided to gather all the important topics to formulate this paper: significant experience, importance in my life, a person who has influenced me, such and such ... In conclusion, I ended up with this paper ...

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