Golda Meir

The state of Israel, established on May 14, 1948, had many great leaders
that helped it to become a state. One of them was Golda Meir. Golda Meir was
one of the most energetic and hardworking women in the world. Without her help,
it is possible that Israel would have never survived as a state in an area
surrounded by Arabs. With all of the hard work that Golda did for her country,
she still had time for a family.
When Golda Meir (born Golda Mabovich) was in my opinion one of the most
energetic and hardworking women in the world. If she set out to do something,
whether it was to wash her families clothes or to create a Jewish state in the
land of Israel, the job was never left unfinished. As a child, she decided that
she wanted there to be a Jewish state, where any Jew would not be refused
citizenship. She spent her whole life working to achieve this goal and in 1948,
her dreams came true.
After Israel became a state in 1948, there was constant fighting between
the Israeli\'s and the Arabs. Without her help, The Israeli\'s would have
possibly never survived as a state. In the beginning, Israel hardly had any
weapons. Golda Meir once again decided she wanted to help Israel so she went to
the United States and She went to other countries to try to help Israel out with
this problem by raising money. In the US, she gave speeches at universities and
she contacted the head government officials to try to borrow some money. The US
government turned her down but the college students gave her all the money they
could spare. The government also refused to help Israel out by selling them
weapons. Once again, the college students tried to do their best by sending
parts to Israel. In one particular case, Students at the Columbia University
sent a Cadillac overseas, in which the heavy steel body was loaded full of parts
and gunpowder.
Golda Meir worked for many hours and even with all the effort she put
forth into her country, she still had time for a family. On December 24, 1917,
she married Morris Myerson of Milwaukee. After living all around the world,
Golda and her husband Morris decided to settle down in Jerusalem to have a
family. The couple had 2 children, Menachem who was born in 1924, and Sarah who
was born in 1926. Golda Myerson was now a young mother and she had to spend the
next few years raising her children. While her children were growing up, she
still kept her ties to the Zionist Movement. She wrote letters to the leaders
of most of the countries in the world in which she tried to convince them that
the Jewish people needed a country of their own.
In the beginning of this book, there was an introduction written by
Arthur M. Schlesinger, jr.. He was a Professor of History at Harvard University
for many years. He served in the White House as a special assistant to
Presidents Kennedy and Johnson.
In the book Golda Meir, all of the possible subjects that I could think
of, were covered without any problems. While reading this book, I could not
find any subjects that I even partially objected to.
I think that the authors of this book did an excellent job in writing it.
This book goes into great detail in describing the early life of Golda Mabovich.
In my opinion, this book didn\'t have any faults because I have never before spent
any time studying Golda Meir in my life.
The author of the book Golda Meir, Karen McAuley, is a graduate of
Bennington College. She has written several textbooks and she has devised
educational programs for High School students. She currently lives in New York

World History Honors
Mrs. Moffitt
Period 0
McAuley, Karen.


Golda Meir New York. Chelsea House Publishers, 1985.

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