Gold Rush and Bush Rangers

Q1) During the time in 1850-1860 Alluvial Gold was collected in a lot of many different ways. People had mined gold, but a lot of people started to pan gold. They got their pan and stood at the side of the lake and collected gold. They collected gold in creeks and at the side of river beds. The gold panning dish was used to remove rock, dust etc. It just left the gold in the pan. This is how gold was collected.

Q2) Some changes that were made in the collection of gold was the invention of the “dry blower”. This tool was used to blow hot air across the soil which contained gold nuggets. This tool would blow away the soil and it would be leaving the nuggets on the ground which is heavier than soil. A wooden head frame was also used to drill deep under the ground so that the miners could retrieve the gold. A vat was also used to retrieve gold from slime; this was a very useful tool because it could retrieve gold from black sludge and slime.

Q3) A lot of people had heard about the gold, and how there is a lot of gold in Australia, but for the people it was a good thing, but for the authorities it was bad. The reason why the Authorities wanted to suppress the discovery of gold was because they also wanted to find as much gold as they could.

Q4) The law had enforced licenses in Ballarat for the gold miners. If you wanted to mine for gold you had to pay a license fee, if you found gold or not you would still have to pay for it. The reason why the miners were opposition to it was because it was very expensive. When the licence was first introduced it was at a price of ₤2. At the time this was very expensive for the miners, it was very hard for the miners to pay for this license because they had left their home and existing job just to mine. If they didn’t find any gold they would still have to pay the mining fee. Later on the license fee was reduced to ₤1 and 10 shillings. The miners were still angry at this price, but it was better than the existing price.