Going Up North

When I was about 10 years old, my mom took me and my friend Ben
Up North to our cabin near Grayling, Michigan. The whole family got
together and built it, but I was just a pup at the time, staying in a pup tent
until the cabin was finished. It was unusual for my mom to take this trip
without my dad, and I donít remember why he didnít go too, but I do
remember that it was so much fun with my mom and Ben.
It started out scary, though. We were on I-75, just getting into
downtown. Their was lots of traffic on the road. We were riding along when
all of a sudden the hood of the car flew right open! We couldnít see a thing!
My mom pulled the car over and got out and closed the hood. She got back
in the car, and It surprised me that she wasnít shaken up at all. She just
laughed about it, and thanked the good Lord that we didnít get into an
We had lots of fun. All the way up north, my mom was singing crazy
songs like ĎA Hundred Bottles of Pop on the Wallí. Sheís really weird and
didnít want to sing about beer, even though me and Ben wanted to. So we
just said ďbeerĒ while she was singing the word ďpopĒ. We thought she
sounded a little fruity, but then again she is a little fruity. Then we played
video games in the car the rest of the way up.
When we got up north, we wanted to do everything all at once. But the
first thing we did was to go to Kneff lake. Itís about a fifteen minute drive
from the cabin. We didnít fish, but we swam and walked around the lake
catching frogs. My mom found an old Styrofoam cooler someone had
thrown out and that is where we made the home for the frogs we caught. I
remember that we caught lots of them. I remember lifting the lid and seeing
them jumping all around. Ben and I wanted to bring them home with us, but
my mom said that they would be happier in their own surroundings, so she
made us let them go back into the lake. But she did let us bring a little snake
home in the cooler. Only problem was that when we stopped in a gas station
on the way home, we discovered that the snake was no longer in the cooler.
Uh oh! I was just hoping that it didnít get tangled up in the fan belt or
something. We never did see that snake again.