Go Ask Alice

Go Ask Alice is book about a teenage girl living her life as an on-and-off drug addict. The book is actually the real diary of the author, whose name was left anonymous. Names, dates and places were changed for privacy.

Fifteen year old Alice is just a regular teenager; she has two best friends, a younger brother and sister, a father, and a mother (who she does not get along with too well). She was perfectly fine, until she attended a party that changed her life. She unknowingly took LCD. How, you ask? Well, the host of the party (her new friend) brought out bottles of coke for everyone, and Alice began to drink. She soon became weary and everything around her looked so beautiful, and then she became very hyper. After the party, Alice found out that her friend had put LCD in most of the bottles. Alice thought this was the last time she would ever take drugs, but it was just the beginning. Alice makes many attempts to get away from drugs, but every time she makes new friends, she goes right back to where she started from. Will she ever get away from the drugs? Read the book and find out.

Reading this book really made me think about the thousands of teens who do drugs and are putting their lives in danger. Most of them don’t even know how dangerous drugs really are, and all the harm it can do to your body. It may feel good for the moment, but what about when the feeling’s gone?

Because the book is actually the diary of a teen, as you read you may notice the language used by Alice. Alice writes just about every curse there is in her diary, and makes some very crude insults. Although many adults may say it is too vulgar or harsh, they have to face the fact that this is the language that real teenagers speak in real life.

I recommend this book to preteens and teenagers because it informs them about the dangers of drugs (what some kids may think is “cool”). Once you’re hooked on drugs you’ll do almost anything to get it, and this book teaches you that everything you go through really isn’t worth it! So teens pick up this book and learn what drugs are really about.