Glory was about a colored army going to

war, but actually it was much much more.

Captain Shaw from Massachusetts wanted

Slavery to be over with… his family wanted

the same.

On November 11, 1862 black men go to

Readville Camp to train for war. All of the

men In one particular tent were fighting…

one studdered, one was smart, one was

deaf, one was old, one was normal, and one

acted like a snob. They all argued about

when they were going to get to wear the

blue suits. A soldier with the name of

Mulcany trains the black soldiers. He is

very cruel… calls them nasty names, and

hits them. One thing that Captain Shaw

ralized is that the Black soldiers leared

faster that the white soldiers.

While in training Captain Shaw gives them

there rifles. They practice to load there

gun and shoot in a short amount of time. He

did that to show them that this was no


During the video, Shaw realizes that the

colored men are paid less that the white

men, so he says "If they have no pay, then

he will too!" He did this to bond with his

men, to show him that he was one of them.

Shaw asked Trip to wear the regimental

colors because he faught very well. Trip


The Men were taken to fight… there was only

one way into the target area and Captain

Shaw offered to go first. The Soldiers

prayed before the war, all of the black

soldiers ended up dead. Fort Wagner was not


I thought that this movie was very

interesting, and I believe that the 8th

graders to come should get the same

opportunity that we had to watch it.