GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyrate)

GHB other wise known as gamma-hydroxybutyrate was developed to be used during surgery, but over the past 25 years the tasteless, colorless liquid has become a dangerous substance among teens. ( Vilbg) The reason GHB is no longer used in surgery is due to the many negative side effects. GHB has been known though the years by many various names. GHB depresses the central nervous system causing the user to become unconscious. The long-term effects of the use of GHB are yet unknown. GHB is not produced by a pharmaceutical company, but by clandestine labs and GHB is predominately given to females by males indiscreetly. There are many ways to prevent you from getting hurt by the dangerous substance known has GHB. This dangerous substance has caused many deaths. The medical fields are working on ways to detect the drug but so far a specific test to determine if GHB has been used is not available. The other difficulty in drug testing is that GHB only remains in the bloodstream for 48 hours, therefore testing must occur soon after ingestion of the substance. GHB is on the rise among teens, but the deaths due to GHB are very hard to detect due to the lack of a specific test for GHB. When will the uses of GHB stop? The answer to that question remains unanswered, however research continues on the long-term effects of GHB use and how to detect GHB in the bloodstream.

GHB is a drug, which is a pleasure enhancer for thrill seeking persons. However its use can commit a crime. Typically males will give GHB to unsuspecting females in order to rape them. It is a drug that has been around since the early 1950’s when it was known as slipping someone a Mickey Finn. (Cannon) Now it is known by many other street names. Recently GHB has become known as a club drug. Which means it is one of the various drugs used typically on the nightclub scene. It is known on the street by many different slang names such as “salty water”, “scoop”, “Liquid X”, “somatomax”, and “simply g” (Nordenburg). Other various slang or street names are “Grievous Bodily Harm”, “G”, “Liquid Ecstasy”, and “Liquid E”.

Anyone such as a stranger, a date, or a peer could put GHB in your drink while at a club. The only way to prevent being given GHB is to get your own drink and closely watch your own beverage and never leave it unattended. Since it is a clear liquid which is odorless and colorless it can easily be slipped into the drink of an unsuspecting person. It can also be in the form of a white powder, tablet or capsule form. Many times it is used in combination with alcohol which only makes it more dangerous. The best prevention is to attend nightclubs with trusted friends and to make sure your beverage is never unattended. It is suggested that if you start to feel unusual and suspect that you may have been drugged, that you tell some one you trust immediately. (Capehart)

Many negative side effects of GHB have been documented and this is why it was discontinued as an anesthesia during surgery. The effects can include drowsiness, confusion, nausea and an out of body feeling. Though it is not being used in the United States due to the many negative side effects, it is being used in Europe as an anesthetic during surgery. GHB is a substance that slows the central nervous system in to a relax state. Overdose of GHB can occur rather quickly, and the signs are similar to those of other sedatives.

GHB is abused for its intoxicating, sedative, or euphoriant properties. Its use is on the rise because it is impossible to detect in a drink until it is too late. This makes it as easy to slip into a drink to be consumed undetected. The long-term effects are still unknown because each dose can be made with chemicals such as drain cleaner to acid and even other drugs. Police are working throughout the United States to deter the sell of GHB since it is such a deadly substance. Obviously there is a market for the production of GHB and unfortunately that market