Getting out of the Ghetto

An African-American who has lived in the ghetto’s of Chicago all his life, has
found a way out. He will be the first mamber of his family to go to college. Social sratification
in the United States is usually based on wealth and power, which is passed on from generation to
The relitive poverty that is charictoristic of the ghetto’s in Chicago and other lower class
societies in the United States makes it virtually imposssible for anyone that is born into the
ghetto to get out. A young woman from the ghetto explains her difficulties in getting a job. If
she puts her actuall address on her application, she will not be hired, simply because of her
“location” in society, which she has no controll over at this point in her life. This is only one
example as to why many of the children and young adults in lower class societies such as this
one turn to dealing drugs, stealing, and prostitution, just to survive. There are a few that are
lucky enough to maintain a blue collar job, but even in this case, the income is usually relitively
low and the struggle continues.
The fact that LeAlan Jones is young , a minority, and was born into the ghetto makes the struggle
for success ever more difficult. Jones is deteermined to beat the odds, and get an education that
will break the poverty that his family has been striken with. There is one major factor that is on
Jones side, he was born in the United States. If Jones Had been lets say in India, his dreams of
getting out of the ghetto would be next to impossible. In a caste system your are not only born
into poverty, but the fate of poverty is dictated to you. Social mobility that is charictoristic of
our class system in the United States empowers Jones to get out of the ghetto.