George Washingtonís Socks

I never expected Matt to give away his sock and sneaker. I thought Matt would keep them to keep warm
and prevent himself from frostbite.
If Henry was my friend, I would tell him to be a little nicer. Instead of said friend go to sleep or
heíll never awake." He could have said, "Sorry about your friend, If I were you, I wouldnít let your buddy
fall asleep, or he probably never wake up!"
I think Israel will die and Matt will fell very sad and lonely. I think Matt will find the Adventure
club and find a way to get back into the 90ís.
If Israel wasnít in the book, the book would be too plain and boring!
Henry and Matt are opposites because Matt is kind and caring, while Henry is harsh and nasty.
It was very thoughtful of Matt when he lent Israel his sneaker and sock. Israel had no shoes and
Matt helped him so he wouldnít die of so much coldness.
My favorite characters are Israel and Matt. Matt is caring and loving. Israel is funny and has a
sense of humor. I like how even though Israel is freezing cold, he still makes jokes and laughs!
There is a place in the story that is an actual place you can see. Itís the Delaware River. In the
Winter time itís icy but not in the Summer time, in the Summer time, you can go swimming and all sorts of
water games. Try it one Summer day!
When Elvira Woodruff described Israel, She left a very interesting picture in my mind. It was like
a little troll, but nice and caring.
I donít understand what happened to Katie. Is the Corporal watching her while he expects Matt to
go and fight?
If Matt walked in the room right now, I would tell him that he did a good job by helping Israel
I think it was nice how Israel was going to bring home some blue beads to his sister, Abby. Even
though, I think he might die, Israel told Matt to give Abby the beads.
If I could be transported into the book, I wouldnít want to. I would not want to be in a freezing ice
blizzard, while fighting in a battle . But if I had to, I would be the G.G. Washington. He is in charge of
everything. He makes the rules. You obey him. Heís the Master.