George Orwell's novel, Animal Farm, satirizes the events of Russian history during the early 1900's. Satire is the use of literature to expose the follies of human nature. The characters and events in the novel are symbolic of Russian notables and experiences. Even the theme of the novel is a satire on the communists.
In Animal Farm, The characters satire the people in Russian history. Old Major, the wise old pig that sets the rebellion is similar to Karl Marx. Old Major had his mind set on rebellion, and Karl Marx had his ideas not on a Communist Revolution. They were both leaders whose ideas and visions were carried out through others. Another example is Napoleon's comparison with Stalin. They both enjoyed having mass executions. Also, Napoleon and Stalin both took credit for other peoples ideas. Snowball clearly portrays Trotsky. Trotsky was Stalin opponent for leader of the Soviet Union just own Snowball and Napoleon fought for leadership. The characters in this book are good repesentatives of the people in Russian history.
The events occur in Russian history and the events that occur in Animal Farm are also alike. The building of theWindmill resemble Stalin's five year plan. Both were made to keep workers occupied and unable to think. They also started industrialization. Th Battle of the cowshed and World War I are correlative. The animals and the communists wanted power and had allies. During these fights, both were able to drive off opposing forces and became stronger. The Battle of the Windmill and World War II resemble each other also. Both forces are lead by dictators at the time of war. Both needed help, but were incapable of finding any. It is obvious the events in Animal Farm and Russia's history are similar.
Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely is a maxim that can be put into use in both Animal Farm and Russian history. The first example is revolution. Save the animals power, which was taken away promptly by Napoleon. After the Revolution the idea that everyone is created equal as in Communism, came up. The next example is Napoleon (Stalin). He dictated his land, and over time he became different and stricter. A good example from today's life would be Sudan Hussein. He had power, but lost it since he had no allies to help him. Another example form today's society is Bill Gates. Some may say that he is gaining power by taking over the computer industry, which runs almost everything in or lives. That is how the maxim comes into effect in Animal Farm and in Russian History.
George Orwell wrote Animal Farm in 1945 to illuminate the fatuousness of the totalitarian and communistic governments. Through characterization, plot, and theme, Orwell shows the lack of good sense and foresight that is distinctive of the Marx-Leninist doctrine.