George Lucas
George Lucas was born on May 14,1944. He was born and raised in the city of Modesto, California, which is around 1 1/2 hours east from the city of Oakland, California. George grew up on a walnut farm, earning allowance by cutting grass. As a young boy, George was greatly influenced by comic books, Rock and Roll, and the television documentary series, Victory at Sea. George was "a classic uninterested, alienated student of the fifties for whom the stultifying atmosphere of public education failed to keep pace with the swirling multimedia reality just outside the school doors." In other words, George was a young man who thought that there were plenty of better things to do than school i.e.. He was an every day high school student. Lucas' Passion was SPEED. Mainly car speed. Lucas had his own Fiat that he raced. Not a lot of horsepower, but it was a contender.

That contender of a car almost killed him. Three days before graduation, George was struck broadside by another car. His Fiat was sent rolling towards a walnut tree( they're very common around Modesto) at the speed of 60mph. Amazingly, his seat belt snapped. This flung George out of the car in the nick of time. Less than a second later, his Fiat hit the tree with such a force, that the tree, roots and all, as knocked back two feet. If that seat belt did what it was supposed to, there would be no George Lucas today.
After graduation, George enrolled in Modesto Junior College ,where he pulled up his grades. George later went on to the University of Southern California. Here, George took the film course. It is also here where he met Francis Ford Coppola. Coppola and Lucas met through a scholarship sponsored by Warner Brothers. The two young men were instantly drawn to each other by a mutual fever to create great films. George became Coppola's apprentice.
Lucas and Coppola later created a partnership. Their partnership, an independent film studio in San Francisco called American Zoetrope. This was named after a device from films yester-year. George, at the age of 26, found himself directing his first theatrical release film.
" Once I did this, I thought They would never let me in the film film business again."

George put everything he knew into his first major film. This film was actually a remake of a college film of his. The college film was entitled, The electric Labyrinth THX 1138:4EB. The remake, THX 1138. This film was an interesting and at some points, mined boggling work of art.
" THX 1138 is set in the 25th century. The title character is only one of thousands of nameless, faceless workers in the huge underground colony. He works a shift in a robot factory and then goes home to his roommate, LUH 3417, to take the government-controlled sedatives and watch mindlessly violent hologram programs.

LUH, however, has somehow seen through the clean, peaceful exterior, and knows what their society really is. She switches THX's usual sedatives for stimulants, and they begin to fall in love and engage in illegal sexual activity. Meanwhile, SEN 5241 has a plan of his own to switch the computed roommate matching system so that he ends up roommate to THX and LUH is conveniently cast aside. Tampering with the computer system is as illegal as having sex, and all three are eventually turned in and Found guilty for their crimes. THX is taken to a seemingly endless white holding place and conditioned by the very law-enforcement robots he had helped to build. Eventually, he meets up with SEN and several other outcasts who constantly plot getting out, but are too frightened to Actually try anything. THX and SEN are fed up with this and head for escape on their own. On the way, they meet up with a "hologram", one of the black actors who served on the holographic television. He helps them to escape, and they realize that the exit was never far away and that it was only their own fear keeping them in the holding area. As they escape, SEN is frightened by the prospect of living away from the controlled environment and rushes back, choosing safety and predictability over freedom. THX and the hologram