Genghis Kahn was a famous Mongolian ruler that lived from 1162- 1227. He conquered many civilizations and witnessed many killings. His empire was one of the most advanced military empires in the world. They used advanced military tactics and an extremely structured government.

Genghis Khan was born in 1162 near Lake Beryl in Russia. His original name was Temujin. His father was called Yesukai. He was a Mongol ruler of a large region between the Armur River and the Great Wall of China. Temujin succeeded his father as ruler of the tribe at age 13. His reign of that tribe was full of revolts and an intense struggle to retain his leadership. He soon demonstrated his ability as a military leader when he conquered all of his hostile neighbors and his intractable subjects. By 1206 he was the master of almost all of Mongolia. Also in that year Temujin attained his widely known title of Genghis Kahn, which meant “Precious warrior.” He designated Karakorum as his capital.

In 1208 he established a foothold inside the Great Wall of China. In 1215 he captured Yenking (now Beijing) which was the last Chinese stronghold in Northern China. In 1218 the Korean Peninsula fell to Genghis Kahn and the Mongolians. In 1219 Khan invaded Khoresm in retaliation for the murder of some of his men. Also in that year he swept through Turkestan and sacked Bukhoro and Samarqand, and he conquered Peshawar and Lahore( present day India and Pakistan). In 1222 the Mongols marched into Russia and plundered the region between the Volga and Dnepr Rivers and from the Persian Gulf to the Arctic Ocean.

Kahn was one of the greatest military leaders not only because of his conquests, but also because of the excellent organization, discipline, and the maneuverability of his armies. He was also an admirable statesman. It was claimed by some that his empire was so well organized that one could walk from one side of his empire to the other without fear or danger. Genghis Kahn died on August 18, 1227. His empire was divided between his three sons and then gradually dissipated without the rule of Kahn “the precious warrior.” However four of his grandsons became very powerful with their empires and their armies, but nobody ever came close to the greatness and strength of Kahn and his armies. Even after Kahn’s death his conquests were still playing major parts in history, for example: the Turks, who Khan conquered were driven to their own invasion of Europe. As you can see Khan and his empire was one of the most advanced and powerful empires of history.