Genetically Modified Food

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Genetically modified food or GM food is firstly introduced to the world since 1997 to 1999. GM foods are the product of mixing several genes into another food such as corn and tomato. Even though mixing gene will allow the food to grow faster but it may causes lots of harmful effects. This report will show and review the claim of GM food from several web sites and books. It offers an informative list of several hazards, problems, and danger. The following list also divided into easily referred to sections on health, environment, farming practices, economic. This report also provides some definition and thought from famous scientist. Finally, this report as a whole is subject to change all readerís minds to be aware of risk from genetically modified production.



People are getting ill and dying from GM food. In 1989,dozens of Americans died and several thousands were affected by eating some GM food called supplement ĖL- that comes from Japan. Therefore the company has to pay $2 billion dollars for those people. Another case is on the GM nut, which is the mixing gene between Brazil nut and the soybeans. The nut was came out in the market as a safe GM food because itís already tested with the animal. Suddenly some people are allergic to this nut, they go into apoplectic shock which can causes death. After the situation the nut has been remove out of the market as quick as they can.

GM food can be one of the sources that can cause people cancer and other diseases link. In 1994, FDA approved that genetically production can cause the increase of IGF-1, which is a potent chemical hormone. It can cause 400-500% higher risks of human to get breast, prostrate and colon cancer. By eating GM canned food causes people to get a leukemia disease because GM food will kill the protection cell called rBGH. Scientist has conclude that people who intake GM food for long time will have a chance more than 50% higher to get a cancer rather the one who ate the normal food.

Eating GM food can also cause virus and bacterial illness. People who infected by HIV virus can actually live for 10 years maximum. By eating GM food, it may reduce the time to only 6-8 years because the GM food will created a virus called CaMV that will make HIV virus more and more harmful and uncured. Another reason is, some gene in GM food can actually mixed with the virus that can cause HIV infected death quickly. Not only human who affect from mixing gene, some animal such as cow can gain some bacteria that can be caused a bad milk production which called VIA milk. VIA milk can causes human a terrible disease such as diahrear that can lead to the death of young children consumer.

GM foods also increase allergies to human immune system. Human is not a robot that can be changed all when it needs to be fixed. Consuming lots of GM food also cause the bad and lose cell in our immune system. All virus and bacteria in GM food will somehow kill some of the cell in our immune system that protects us from food allergies. However, this case can only be applied only to some individual not to all.

Most of people might believe that GM food is good but it was not true. For most consumers, you may not see the effect on yourself in a short term but you will in a long term. It just like getting a cancer, you will never know when you will die. By the time you know you will be on the last stage of the cancer which is very hard or can not be cure at all. So, why you have to wait for the last stage to come since you know in advance that you can get away with it. The best way is just too aware from GM food. Nature food is the best food without giving any negative outcome to your bodies. It might just a bit expensive than GM food but it