Genetically Modified Food

Science is a creature that continues to advance at a much higher rate than ever before. World of information adds to humans\' discovery and smoothens the path for more advances. But never in history science will be able to deeply affect our lives as science of Genetic Engineering does. With all the respects to this new advancement, Biotechnology forces humanity\'s power over forces of nature and also carries the risks to human health, the environment, animal and biodiversity. Therefore, this issue can be looked at various ways, which includes religious views on genetic engineering, cloning human\'s genes, transmission of animal and plant genes, scientific and economical views, opponent groups and supporters\' views.

The first step to understand genetic engineering is to have a rough knowledge of its history and methods. Genetic was first been known when an Austrian monk named Gregor Mendel developed the first discovery of human beings and other scientists studied the characteristics of organisms for next one hundred years. The basic knowledge about genes is that "Genes are transmitted through chromosomes which reside in the nucleus of organism\'s cells. Each chromosome is made up of fine stands of deoxyribonucleic acid DNA." (Clarke 10). And this technology of genetic transmission is called "Biotechnology". But new signs of biotechnology approved when the advert of World War II brought the manufacture of penicillin. The successful use of penicillin made a thought to widen the choices to genetically modified food and crops. Fairly speaking, the first reason for creating Genetic Modified foods was to help millions of starving people around the world by mass production of GM food with new characteristics, usage and tastes. Nevertheless, this helpful dream did not last long and human\'s power changed the whole process of genetic engineering.

One of the main needed considerations is to have a religious view on genetic engineering. In the current case in genetic engineering, life can easily created and ruled by one\'s liking. How can a human being break his limits and create and alter living things that only God has had the right to do so? Donít we know that trying to be on a same level as God has a punishment? In an example, builders of nuclear power and atom bomb indicate that God gave us knowledge to discover. If this is true, why they use this discovery for killing other human beings? And why did God give us the knowledge to destroy the world in few minutes? This world is created by God and based on natural basis, and creatures do not have the right to change that basis. Therefore, they should not decide what sex a baby should have, how intelligent he has to be or how he should look. Genetic engineering is a human made way to change the structures of God\'s creatures and to use it as a power over other humans.

Biotechnology, commercialized technology of transmitted genes, is worrisome when its been said that this technology can offer cloning of human\'s genes. Transferring one\'s genes and submit it to another one\'s body is the basic process of cloning. The process was first tasted on animals. For instance, in West Vancouver, Bob Devlin and his team store the living products of their efforts at gene splicing. What they did was, borrowing the growth hormone gene naturally found in trout and then inserted it into fish embryos. The result is that the new fish grows faster and it is as much as thirty-seven times bigger than its normal size. This was a successful result in genetic engineering field but the reality was that "twenty percent of oversized fish have sprouted unexplainable bulous growths, signs of cartilage run awoke."(Boyens 28). With the growth rate of biotechnology usage, some whispers have been heard about human cloning and its benefits in future of our children. Their try to clone a human and create an intelligent, beautiful and skinny creature is their long time dream and they advertise the cloning for parents in order to have children with these characteristics. But won\'t it be weird for children to find themselves different from their parents? Who will be responsible of unlikeness of children from their own parents? Who will tell the truth to these children that they have not been