Spring 2004 English 102

In this world there are objects and humans, land and skies, water and air, positive and negative, faith and beliefs. Everything seems to have two sides no matter how you look at it. “Janus” happens to be a belief, the god of two sides and the passage through those sides, as well as an object. Janus is the bowl and Andrea is a man’s woman. She belongs to the god. The bowl was described as having two sides at some points. “not the sort of thing that would inevitably attract a lot of attention”, “yet it had real presence”. These statements indicate that the bowl was attractive, but many realized its existence.

Andrea’s thoughts of the bowl as being “both subtle and noticeable – a paradox” and her description of the bowl’s colors symbolized to the reader that it was hypnotizing.

The bowl was being used as a hypnotizer by Andrea to convince prospective home buyers into purchasing homes, making her successful in sales. A real estate agent uses strategies to make sales and Andrea’s solely involved the bowl. A strategy that a hypnotizer uses would be waiving the picket watch in front someone’s eyes and Andrea does that by placing the bowl where it wouldn’t seem deliberately placed, but valuable at that specific location. At one point she even hypnotized herself when “she dreamed of the bowl”, “in a waking dream”, “between sleep and a last nap before rising”. This clearly indicated hypnotization, but for her in oppose to her clients it was used as convincing herself that Janus was a lucky charm in her career.

Janus also served as Andrea’s lucky charm. “she was sure that the bowl brought her luck”. At times she wanted to tell her husband that she “thought that the bowl was responsible for her success”. The bowl symbolized sales in this story which was a positive aspect. It was used as a charm and a hypnotizer to make a profitable year.

Janus also symbolized Andrea herself. She is a Gemini, two sided.