GCSE English Coursework non-fiction Writing – Rainman.

Considering how the film presents Raymond, who do you think is the best person to look after him?

Rainman is a story about a man called Raymond Babbit, who has a condition called autism. He has inherited three million dollars from his recently deceased father, but because of the condition he is in, will not know a thing about. Charlie Babbit is Raymond’s brother, who does not know Ray exists, until he discovers somebody else has inherited all his fathers money, which he believes to be his. Charlie goes looking for Raymond, and then takes him away on a trip where he tries to trick his brother out of the money Ray has inherited.

Raymond Babbit has a condition called autism, which gives him many disabilities. He does not listen to what people say to him, and his voice is always monotone. He has high order thinking skills and is now fixed in to routines of certain bedtimes, for example, “lights out” is eleven PM. Also what Raymond eats for his breakfast, lunch and dinner has to be the same everyday. These points frustrate Charlie whilst on the trip, but Ray living in an institution all his life is to blame for these habits. Charlie finds it hard to communicate and compromise with Ray, as he is in a world of his own, and it disturbs him when he deviates from his usual routines.

Although Raymond has these matters, he also has high order thinking skills, and has a lot of memory of his past. Even though Wallbrook would be a good place for him to live, as he has lived there all his life and they have excellent doctors there, he likes Charlie, and makes a “connection” with him when he laughs at one of his jokes. This is unusual because autistic savant’s brains don’t usually work that way, and they can’t normally understand issues such as that.

Charlie Babbit is Raymond’s brother, who has not known of Ray’s existence until now. He really wants the money Ray has inherited, but whilst trying to con Ray, he also gets to know him and to love him. Charlie shows Ray the world outside Wallbrook, and helps him to do things he has never done before. When Charlie first met Ray, he shouted at him a lot. This scared Ray, and Charlie didn’t realise it because he could not keep patient with him.

It would be really good for Raymond to start living with Charlie full-time, as he can show him how the world works, and how to lead a normal life outside the institution. Charlie has only known Raymond a week, and already made a connection with Ray and also made him laugh, which is unusual for an autistic savant. He also cares for Ray, as he has got to know him on the trip. On the other hand, it would be best for Ray to go back to the institution. I think this because Charlie does not know how to look after someone with Ray’s condition, whereas the doctors at Wallbrook institution do. On the trip, Raymond has had a few fits, where he shouts, and on the occasion, hits himself on his head. Charlie is not educated to know how to deal with these situations, and may even panic himself.

Wallbrook Institution is one of the best institutions in America. Doctor Bruner, who has looked after Raymond for twenty years, knows everything you can know about autism, and knows how to deal with Ray. All the facilities needed for Ray are at the institution, and all the staff at Wallbrook knows his routines, as he has lived there for so long. Even though all these points are very positive for Wallbrook, the institution does not let Ray be independent, and the social aspect is not taken into consideration. Dr. Bruner has been looking after Ray for more than twenty years and made no relationship with him, whereas Charlie has known him for a mere 6 days, and already built a stable relationship.

In conclusion to my essay and all the points I have made about Charlie Babbit and Dr. Bruner, I think Raymond would be best to go