Gay Marriage

February 17, 2004

Writing Assignment 2

I don’t believe gays should be allowed to marry. As a catholic, I don’t think it is natural or normal for people of the same sex to get married. I believe that gay getting married goes against everything in the bible and should not be allowed. I believe in the constitutional right of equality for all, but I don’t believe that they are really enforced in this country. I don’t think this issue really is about racism or equal rights because anybody can be gay. I think that this issue is over what is morally right in people’s minds. I think that gays should just keep to themselves and not get married. They should not be allowed to marry anywhere in the world.

From my childhood and life experiences my opinion is that only people of opposite sexes should be allowed to marry. I grew up with a semi-religious family and I have known my fair share of gay people throughout my life. My parents are semi-racist and really don’t like to talk about the topic of gay people. They don’t think it is right and that marriage should only be between a man and a woman. My cousin, who lives next door to me, came out of the closet a few years ago. When I was growing up, I never thought that he was gay. He never really acted in that manner. I think he developed and figured it out as he got older because his dad died at a young age. I think that loss of his father figure was a factor in him becoming gay. My dad really doesn’t talk to my cousin much anymore because he turned gay. I still talk to him every once and a while, but I feel weird around him because of the thought of what he does with his gay friends and I don’t believe in the act of homosexuality.

“Marriages are meant for the ensuring of the continuation of the human species.”(Bidstup 1) Same sex marriages go completely against this point and goes against a main principal of marriage. If a gay couple adopted a kid, what would they possibly tell them? I think it would be really weird to see a family of two dads or two moms. The child would probably grow up and have a distorted image of life and society. The child would get picked on constantly in school, home, and public settings because of their family. This could cause the child to do things he normally wouldn’t do if he had that father figure in his childhood and as he grew up. When I think of marriages I think of the establishment of a family and the continuation of the family name.

“Marriage is supposed to be an institution between a man and a woman.” (Bidstup 1) This is generally the traditional idea of most people in the world. It is not normal for people of the same sex to get married. Gay marriages wouldn’t work in this world because too many people are against it. Just the thought of seeing homosexuals displaying public affection, even holding just hold hands, makes me feel sick. If they were made legal, all hell would break loose in the world. Riots, marches, and all sorts of people would come together to rally against it and they wouldn’t give up until it was made illegal again. This would cause of a lot of money to be wasted on the efforts of both sides of the argument and of the government.

People who are for gay marriages have valid points on why they should be legal. They state that they need the marriage so they can get their spouse on their insurance policy and for social security benefits. “As long as same sex marriages are illegal homosexual couples are considered legal strangers, which means they have virtually no standing in the eyes of the laws. So partners have denied access to each other in favor of blood relatives in hospitals and at funerals.” (Demian 3) This will prevent gay couples from seeing or making decision for each other while they are in the hospital. Not allowing homosexuals to get