Review by Alex Potok

Movie called Gattaca was actually a very good movie. Even though I
have a very bad memory, I still can remember it after two or three months
after I watched it. Movie has a very good plot story which I think was very
hard to come up with.
Scientific content in this movie plays a major role not only because it
is so strange, but also because scientists now already working on genetic
engineering and it is pretty much possible that very soon this movieís main
idea will come true. Although it is very scary that someone can predict all
your defects, physical abilities, and even approximate expectancy, it is very
Main character in GATTACA is a man who was weak all his life,
always trying to be better than his much younger brother, who was always
an embarrassment to his parents, who couldnít get a good job because
computer when he was born said that he isnít good enough. He had a dream.
He wanted to go to outer space. So he went from floor scrubbing to
technician, he faked blood, his finger prints just to get that job. And by
passing lots of traps he finally did. At the end of the movie he competed
with his brother in swimming, and won even though he never could. He
finally went to outer space and has achieved his highest goal.
My review was not very complete, but in this movie there were lots
of things that are fiction, not out yet which makes it a very good science
fiction story. I think that may be what it was possible for them to change
was the way main character reacted to those things that stopped him from
reaching his goal. I think that he was very shy and that is why it took him so
long to complete his task. He was always very scared and I think attracted
otherís attention. But this is only my opinion.
Scientific content in this story was very entertaining. So many new
things that future brought us. People no longer seems having fun, but more
like it was the world where everyone new his or her own place, and job and
just tried to accomplish it as clever as possible. People dress like an old
times. Black, white, gray costumes for man, dresses for women. I do not
remember any color that sticks out in clothing. And it was very scary for
me when a child was just born, and already it was on computer that he will
die approximately at age forty-seven.
One of the new things was that when you have to enter the building
you work in, you have to pass a blood test to prove that you are really you
and not somebody else. Main character in this story had to get up very
early in the morning everyday to wash himself with rocks so he wouldnít
lose any skin at his workstation, checked for any lose hair, and so on.
Personally I do not believe that something like this will happen in future.
There may be a computer that states everything about me at my birth, but I
donít think that companies will be able to see this kind of information. I
think it will be my personal information, and I will have a right to show it to
somebody if I want to or can keep it to myself.
When the movie started, it was a little boring, but once you
understood what it is about, you will watch it with interest till the end. I
think that people must see this movie because it shows you how life in
future may be.

By Alex Potok.