“Gattaca, Personal reflection”

My dream is almost at a success, but there is nothing that can completely explain the

struggle I faced through my life. I am Jerome as everyone thinks, but really inside I am

Vincent. I have been living a valid life in my invalid self, in this genetically cast society,

where your DNA maps your entire life. In this society, your are normal if you are

genetically modified, and are guaranteed to succeed in life, whereas if your not, you wont

be guaranteed to be accepted by society, and restricted to the manual labor jobs.

I was born with a heart condition, and was told that my life expectancy was to only 30

years of age. From that moment on, my parents knew that I would not live up to the

genetically superior standards in life and soon afterwards, I realized this too. I was

automatically left with no choices in life. It wasn’t long after my birth that my parents

had another baby, my brother Anton, but he was born of enhanced genes, just like the rest

of the society. As years passed by with my brother Anton, I felt the real competition of

natural born against genetically enhanced born as my brother Anton was much stronger

than me, he was much faster and smarter then me, he was what society called genetically

perfect, whereas I was the complete opposite. Even my parents had acknowledged that I

am fated as a low class person in this society.

I became angered that Anton became taller then me so quickly, my parents also gave him

all the attention and respect. No matter how hard I trained or studied, I just could not

make it to my dreams, which was to become an astronaut and leave Earth. Because of my

genetic status, my applications were always rejected, so I was forced to become a cleaner

at Gattaca, my parents told me this would be the closest I’d get to my dreams. I wouldn’t

give up there though, I know I had the intellect and will power to do what I wanted,

though my genetic status left me in no position to ever reach my goals. The

discrimination I faced proved that there is no equal opportunity for everyone in this

world. I thought it might be possible for me to become accepted in this society, especially

when my brother Anton and I had a swimming competition where his strength had failed

him and I had ended up saving him from drowning. Even though at this point my strength

had proved to be better then his, I was still not accepted and still unrecognized by anyone

in this society. I soon decided to move out; I felt I had no reason to stay at home as my

parents barely noticed I existed. I tore my photo out the family picture as I left home.

No longer could I face the pressure of being an outcast, I was tired of being cleaner and

was prepared to do anything to be recognized as a genetically superior person. I had met

an unfortunate man named Jerome Morrow who became my room mate, but was in a

severe accident which left him paralyzed and discarded from society also. Jerome was

genetically advanced and through his help, for the first time I had become recognized as a

normal person in this world. With my legs extended and with Jerome’s identity I had

become a valid person, although I was forced to maintain this identity by passing all the

screen tests with Jerome’s DNA, I had indirectly become Jerome Murrow. Everyday, I

had to scrape away my invalid self to ensure my real identity was not revealed.

I had finally gotten the job I had wanted, but life was still hard, especially when the

mission director was murdered, and my invalid eyelash was accidentally left behind at the

murder scene. There were new screen tests developed, I was becoming fearful, I had to

concentrate harder and be more weary of my surroundings. I would do anything to reach

my dreams, thus I had to make sure that no one would find out who I am until I had

reached it. Soon I had met