Gailelo was an early scientist who unlocked some of the universe's
mysteries. His work covered a broad range, from telescopes to
mathamatical formulas. His offerings to science earned him the title,
founder of modern science

His most known invention today is the telescope. It
revolutionized studying the stars and allowed him to make many new
discoveries that proved many classical ideas false. The most famous and
controversial of these was the discovery of Jupiterís four bright
satellites. He proved many classical ideas incorrect and formed his own.

He formed laws of falling bodies and pendulums. Legend tells he dropped
two stones of unequal weight from the tower of Pisa. The two hit at
exactly the same time. He also timed a swinging pendulum by his pulse;
this proved each ark took the same time.

He spent his last years writing his masterpiece, "A Dialougue on
the Two Principal Systems of the World." For this he was tried and found
guilty of supporting the Copernican theory.

Gaileloís inventions were shunned by the people of his time. They thought
his ideas were crazy and corrupting . It took fifty years for people to
realize and honor his contributions.