FuturamaThe Lesser of Two Evils
Name: Bender

Physical description: Functions include extensomatic arms, telescopic eyes, gay- dar, three cameras (with timer) and a temperature gauge. He is a robot made of metal. He is a foghat grey, he has magnets stuck to his head, and he has a stalk thingy on top of his head. His teeth are a bit yellow and are extremely straight. His eyes are also a bit yellow, they are sunk in. His arms and legs are extensible. His body is round and there is a door, which opens into a cupboard sort of thing in the middle of his body, which Bender uses to store things in.

Demeanour: loud, obnoxious, dishonest, sleazy, angry, sneaky, and selfish.

Mannerisms: Moves a bit stiffly (as a robot should). Very mean, nasty, rude but funny eg.

Ad Announcer [voice-over; on TV]: Is today\'s hectic lifestyle making you...tense and impatient?

Bender: (tense and impatient) Shut up and get to the point!

He doesnít think much of robots even though he is one himself:

Bender: C\'mon Fry, I really wanna see it. You know how I yearn for a simpler time. A time of barn dances and buggy rides, before life was cheapened by heartless hi-tech machines.

Bender is also very sarcastic:

Bender: I think I got whiplash.

Leela: You can\'t have whiplash, you don\'t have a neck.

Bender: I meant ass whiplash

Relationship to others: Bender seems to be friend with Fry, Leela, Flexo, Farnsworth, Zoidberg, Hermes and Amy. He is also Fryís roommate.

Characterís goal in this episode: Bender, Fry, Leela and Flexo are charged with Miss Universeís tiara to Planet Toya 9, Benderís goal is to steal it. He almost succeeds but is caught in the end.

Bender makes a lot of sarcastic remarks and does seem a bit dumb. He likes to say ĎSo long suckersí:

Bender: I gotta say I\'m really enjoying the day out with you people - Hey, a suicide booth! So long suckers.

He is insensitive. I donít think any of the other characters like him much.

Fry: Nope. [He starts the engine.] No one in New York drove. There was too much traffic. [He moves the gear leaver.] Nice! Listen to that baby purr!

Bender: There\'s a baby in there huh?

He also likes other peopleís discomfort:

Fry: I don\'t like this place. It\'s 120 degrees and there\'s very little oxygen.

Bender: Shut up and hoot.

Because of Benderís attitude nobody really likes him but they do tolerate him and still consider him their friend.