Friendship is like fire. Quick to start, quick to burn, George and Lennie were the best of friends. They both looked out for one another and took care of their needs, real brotherly love flowed but did George and Lennie deserve what they got?

A life of two friends, life long friends shattered. A startling stop to a drama filled life. Fleeing Weed George and Lennie sought work at the ranch, which was a long way away from weed. In attempts to leave behind a long and drawn out string of incidents fueled by Lennie' mental incapability. A simple fondness equals certain devastation in the life of two friends. Not knowing his own strength Lennie would often pick up field mice or other small animals but while petting them would accidentally crush the little bones in the fragile bodies of innocent critters. This was the after math of the incidental killing that Lennie did in weed, but following him to Curly's wife. As the sat in the barn one day after Lennie had tragically but unintentionally killed the little puppy. Candy's wife let Lennie watch her do her hair. Minutes rolled by as Candy's wife coaxed Lennie into feeling her soft hair, becoming to over cellist Lennie scared Curly's wife as she screamed he killed her.

Crumbled in a pile of disbelief Lennie looks down upon the formally vibrant cheery exterior of Curly's wife. Realizing the trauma that had occurred he fled to the place where George and specified he go if anything bad happens. As Lennie rest up against a tree by the stagnant pool of green water he thought over what he had done in his life. How he hurt people not knowing what he was doing, hurting all the people that had taken him in and cared for him. In a puddle of tears George approached Lennie comfortingly, when asked by Lennie if he was mad George simply replied calmly no Lennie I'm not mad. Comforting Lennie George brought up the dream farm and got Lennie excited as George reassured him that everything would be all right Lennie turned his head, George drew the pistol, which he had stashed in his pants he shot Lennie in the head. Bringing closer to Crooks manhunt since he had vowed to kill Lennie in the worst way. Crooks and the group of men who formed a posse appeared to find Lennie body lying in a puddle of blood with a bullet wound in the back of his head.

People say friend's only give but don't take; in this case George took but gave at the same time. Taking life but giving freedom and protecting a friend from suffering, at the same time taking away a life long friendship, a bond of trust and will. Maybe they didn't deserve what they got but maybe they did. It's up for you to decide.