Freedom is such a big word, not in the sense of the size, but of the mind. Every person has a different opinion of what freedom is. There is no true definition, I think. People who question freedom already know what it is, just are curious of to what everyone else thinks of the word… Am I right? I will write of what I think freedom is through a very different perspective. I am going to tell you what freedom is through the eyes of a student exceeding the intellectual status quote in the topic of computers, a person's right to be curious. I think you have a different word to describe me as… I wouldn't like to use that word considering that most people take it more of a malicious person that has nothing else to do with his time.
My name is Luis Rivera, also known as "Knightmare" in the cyberworld. Some people can call me a hacker, others can just call me smart. I don't prefer being called a hacker due to the fact (of which I stated earlier) that people, especially business people, make it sound like a hacker is someone who destroys precious information in which they have spent so much of their valuable time retrieving. I feel that is just a bunch of (excuse my vulgarity) crap. I feel people should have the right to know what they want to know without being accused of breaking and entering, and trespassing in someone else's computer.
I think people are just getting defensive when I seem to know more than I should know. Like, a teacher or someone that has supposedly had high level of training, or is an expert in a subject, feels pressured or challenged because of the fact that I might know more than he or she does just by gift or extreme talent. I feel this is the only reason they made a law against curious people or hackers.
People shouldn't be so stupid and just admit sometimes that they are wrong and the "stupid person" was right. If you are like this, try and be a little more thoughtful and I hope this essay moved you in a way and didn't offend you. After all, people do have different opinions.