Free At last

Melissa felt the knife slip easily between his ribs with barely any struggle. She was surprised it could be so easy.

She let go of the knife, the blade remaining in his body as he clutched his chest in disbelief. He slid down the wall, no sound came out of his open mouth. Still clutching his chest, Ben tried to breathe. His eyes opened wide with panic. She stood back and watched with morbid delight, as her long time arch-rival lay helpless on the floor. She ignored his silent plea for help just as he had ignored her many loud ones. He gasped his last breath and she smiled. She had finally done it. She had killed him. He would never be able to hurt her again.

Melissa knew that what she had done was murder. But she didn\'t care anymore. The man had been a creature spawned from hell and she had just sent him back to where he belonged. She looked at the body and realized that there was no blood anywhere but on the body. There also was no sign of a struggle. All she had to do was get rid of the knife and the body.

She recalled seeing a movie about this last night. She could take the body and bury it in the back yard. No one would miss a man who had no friends and no family, especially one who worked at home as a writer. Ben Blackman had lived the life of an outsider. She was the only person who had had any contact with him in the last two years. Everything that had to do with people he had his trusty girl Melissa do for him.

It was the perfect crime. "No" Melissa said aloud. ďNot a crime, a service!" She dragged the body out into the garden. The sky was a beautiful pink as the sun went down. She leaned Ben against a tree and looked around for a shovel. After she found one in the shed, she looked around for the perfect spot.

Finally she found the spot, the ground was soft and she could dig quickly. She stopped when she thought the hole was deep enough to enclose the corpse. Wiping the sweat from her forehead, she reached over to the body and pulled the corpse into the shallow grave.

As quickly as she could she began to fill in the hole. Not a moment too soon, she finished and began to shake the dirt off her skirt. She walked over to the patio and pulled over a large garden chair and placed it as a short-term cover for the grave. Tomorrow night she would do something more permanent to hide it.

The next day, she withdrew all ten thousand dollars from his account and booked a flight for Europe. She packed her stuff, but forgot one thing, her diary, the one bit of evidence that she did in fact kill Ben.
As the plane took off, Melissa couldn\'t quite work out her feelings. In a few hours she would be in another country where she would have a new citizenship, a new name and a new life. She was feeling guilty that she had not been caught and punished for the murder of Ben Blackman. Even if he had deserved it and now, thanks to him she would begin a new a captivating life across the seas.

A couple of months later, the police were notified about Benís sudden disappearance and unpaid electricity and phone bills. They called an investigation of his house and found nothing but Melissaís diary. The diary read;

Dear Diary, 26/03/02

Today I did something totally unexpected. I killed that bastard Ben. After all the years of him on my back, criticizing me. He finally pulled the last straw and I stabbed him, and buried him in the back yard and planted beautiful flowerbeds over the top of it,and you know.. I think Iíll get away with it, I meanÖ not too many people know of him, no one will miss him, he doesnít have any friends or family. It feels so great to have that bastard off my back. Iím free at last.


After reading the Diary of Melissa Thomas, the police called