Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass was born on February
seventh, eighteen seventeen. He was origin-
ally named Frederick Augustus Washington
Bailey. Frederick was born on the eastern
shore area of Tuckahoe,Maryland. His
mother was Harriet Bailey and his father was
an unknown white man.

As a teenager Douglass saved up fifty
cents to buy his first very own book. It was
called The Columbia Orator. He learned ora-
tory by reciting and memorizing famous
speeches from the book.

In eighteen thirty-six Douglass tried to
escape but was caught and returned to his
owner. Luckily he kept his confidence and
tried again in September of eighteen thirty-
eight and succeeded. Frederick then used
false papers and acted as a seaman while
escaping north on a train. That brought him
to Philadelphia.

After a short stay in Philadelphia he
moved to New York City. While in New York
he married a free black lady by the name of
Anna Murray. They had fallen in love in
Baltimore. After Frederick and Anna were
married they then moved to New Bedford,

Runaways always had to be afraid of
being caught so a black benefactor changed
that. Nathan Johnson is how Frederick got
the name Douglass. Nathan got the name out
of book called The Lady of the Lake written
by Sir Walter Scott.

Douglass had pretty much everything
except for a career. He knew he wanted to
be an orator. This decision came up by a
salesman asking if he would like to suscribe
to a magazine called The Liberator. A year
later he said that an orator is what he want-
ed to be.

The spring of eighteen forty-one is when
he began giving speeches. Almost everyone
loved the speeches except for the people in
Harrisburg, Pennslyvania and Richmond,
Virginia. That is where they threw rotten
eggs at him and then tried to beat him sense-

After the publication of Douglass' first
autobiography he thought his owner would
know his whereabouts so he and his family
left for England. In eighteen forty-five the
autobiography Narrative of the Life of
Frederick Douglass:An American Slave came

Douglass thought he would be in danger
as well as his wife and two children if the
owner found them, so he left everything
behind in the U.S.A. Frederick just picked
up where he left off. Between October of
eighteen forty-five and December of eighteen
forty-six Douglass made over fifty speeches in
twenty-five locations throughout England and

Wanting to return back to the United
States, Douglass found out that you could buy
your freedom for seven hundred fifty dollars.
As soon as possibe they starting raising
money. The sum came close to twenty thous-
and dollars. Once again moving the Douglass'
went to Rochester,New York.

Frederick then established a newspaper
called The North Star. Douglass edited it for
seventeen years. In Rochester is also proably
where his greatest speech was given. It was
called the Fifth of July speech. He was not
just known for his speechs about slavery but
also for his speechs about womens rights.

Anna Murray died in eighteen eighty-two.
Two years later he married his secretary.
She was a white woman named Helen Pitts.
Many people did not approve of this marriage
but he politely told them to mind their own
business. Even Douglass' own kids did not
approve. On Febuary twentyth, eighteen
ninty-five Frederick Augustus Washington
Bailey Douglass died in his home on the
outskirts of Washington.

Douglass achieved many things in his life
including three books that he wrote.
Narrative of Frederick Douglass:An American
Slave, My Bondage and My Freedom, and
Life and Times Of Frederick Douglass.