Fred, a freshman of PolyU , feels obliged to join the orientation camp organized by his departmental society . While some of the other freshmen decided not to join any orientation activities. The above phenomena can be explained by several theories, including the labeling theory and social control theory.

First ly , Fred did a few things that he considered stupid in the camp and he observed that other freshmen are willing to a ct the same way . If Fred choose not to yell loudly or not to wear the "departmental tee-shirt" , other students may considered him a weird person. In other words, he would be labeled if he is not acting the same way as others in the camp. A s a result, he will become a "deviant". According to the labeling theory, being labeled means Fred will become stigmatized as deviant and is likely to be considered, and treated, as untrustworthy by others. O nce Fred is labeled as deviant, it would be diffic ul t for him to remove the label. On the other hand, even if Fred thinks what he did in the orientation camp was stupid, he had no choices. It is because he was under peer pressure. Fred cares about what others think of him. If he act like a deviant, others may not recognize him as their friend. So Fred choose to conform to peer expectations . As a result, under socialization, Fred decided to join the orientation activities like other freshmen.

Secondly, m any of the freshmen believe that if they do not attend the orientation activities, they could not make new friends in the university. However, there are some freshmen who did not join any orientation activities and t hey may have a different view towards the purpose of orientation activities. They may realize that orientation activities are just for students to have fun, they can still make friends even if they do not join these activities. A ccording to the social control theory, people would conform under peer pressure or their attachment to social norms prevents them from deviant behavior. But these " nonconformist s" have a clear mind, and high confidence , which may not be affected by their peer easily. As a result, some of the freshmen did not join any orientation activities .

In conclusion, I think joining orientation activities depends on whether you are a person with high confidence or not.