Franz Ferdinand

2 rupees Monday 29th June 1914

Daily Russian

Franz Ferdinand Assassinated!

The heir to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Archduke Franz Ferdinand has been assassinated in Sarajevo, Bosnia!

This evil man has been removed from our world by a heroic Bosnian, whose identity so far remains unknown. Ferdinand was killed on a trip to Bosnia, whilst attempting to quash the dreams of Bosnian independence, from the tyrannical Austro – Hungarians.

This evil empire has bullied many countries in ‘The Balkans’ region in the past, such as Serbia and Montenegro, who have already gained their independence.

Ferdinand was making a public appearance, with his wife and himself being driven down the street in an open top car. As they waved to the crowd, a brave, young man threw a grenade towards Ferdinand’s car. The

grenade however, bounced off that car and hit the one behind. The explosion injured the driver who was rushed to hospital. Ferdinand, obviously sensing the hostility of the majority of the Bosnian public, fled to the Town Hall. There, he and his wife decided to visit the injured driver in hospital, in an attempt to gain public support. This gave the assassins another chance to strike. The couple drove to the hospital, but on the way the driver took a wrong turn. As the car slowly reversed, an unknown man, sitting outside a café spotted the car and its occupants. He stood up, strode up to the car, pulled out a silenced pistol and fired two shots into the car. Both the Archduke and his wife were killed. The young

assassin did not have enough time to escape and was quickly arrested by police officers.

Both he and the grenade assassin are being transported to Vienna to await trial.

Fellow Russians, we should not see these men as criminals, but as Martyrs, great men fighting for a true and just cause. The Austro-Hungarians have for many years bullied countries like Bosnia and Serbia; we should stand up for them, fight and help our fellow man. The Bosnian people have longed to join their neighbours, in being separate from the Austria - Hungarians, and this recent hostility may add fuel to an already blazing fire.