Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright was a courageos man in the sense that he was not afraid to
accept critisism from people and fellow architects. Throught his careerhe has
faced many types of disagreements. People did not believe that he was sane or
normal because his buildings were so radical back then. People started to look
and beleive in his work after they saw his first commision, which was Moore-
Dugal house.

Wright was born in the year 1867 on the date June 8th, in Richland Center,
Wisconsin. His name was to be Frank Lincoln Wright, the name was Franks great
grandfathers name. His mother thought it would be a tradition if the name
stayed in the family, and that it did.

Wright studied architecture at the University of Wisconsin. He thought that the
school was the pits in architecture from 1885-1886. He did not lead the coolest
life there but infact that of a nerd. After school he moved to Chiago in 1887.
Worked and studied with Joesph Lyman Silsbee as an architectural detailer.

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