Francisco Pizarro

Many explorers are famous for their discoveries and their
actions. One of these famous explorers was Francisco Pizzaro. Francisco Pizarro was a Spanish explorer and conqueror. Pizarro was born in Trijullo in 14762. He came to America and then settled in Panama3. One of Pizarro's greatest accomplishments was the takeover of the Inca empire.

In 1525, Pizarro proposed an expedition to "Piru." In 1524 Francisco sailed from Panama, in two caravels, with 112 man and a few natives to explore "Piru." 4 This was not going to be an easy task. He encountered rough seas on his route to Peru. He landed at what was known as the Port of Famine5. Pizarro's freshwater barrels breached and his food stores spoiled. In result, 20 of his crew died of hunger before the caravel returned with more supplies. Pizarro's expedition almost seized ant that locatio2 but he demanded to continue.

Francisco Pizarro had to give up his expedition later on and return to Panama because he got into a skirmish with hostile natives and got wounded6. His second expedition was more successful. On his second expedition he reached the capitol of the Inca Empire, Cuzco7. Pizarro and other Spaniards were migrating to Cuzco and inconspicuously taking over the Inca Empire.

The complete takeover of the Inca's was a very big accomplishment because the Incas had the most formidable and successful military societies of the Americas, served by generals, with inexhaustible supplies and more than 50'000 armed soldiers8. Pizarro only had 180 men. The downfall of the mighty empire was on August 28, 1533 when, on display in the center of the mighty Incan capitol city, the ruler of all Incas, Atahualpa, was strangled to death by a Spanish public executioner9.

Then Lima, Peru is founded by Francisco Pizarro in 1535 and returns to Peru and resumes his explorations of the Inca Empire10. Six years later, he completes his conquest of Peru but is assassinated June 26, at age 69 or 70, by supporters of Diego de Almagro11.

Francisco Pizarro greatly changed history for some South American countries. Pizarro was considered a great and powerful explorer by the Spaniards because of what he had don to the Inca Empire. Francisco Pizarro is one of the greatest explorers in Spanish history.


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I. Introduction
II. Pizarro's first expedition
1)Where Pizarro's first expedition was
2)How his expedition was
3)Starvation of some of Pizarro's crew
4)Almost end of Pizarro's expedition
III. Second expedition
1)First expedition had failed and ended
2)Second expedition
3)Pizarro reached Cuzco
4)slow takeover
IV. The Takeover
1)Pizarro's accomplishment
2)The Inca's military standards
3)The downfall of Cuzco
4)Atahualpa's assassination
V. Rest of Francisco Pizarro's life
1)Pizarro founded Lima, Peru
2) Pizarro completes his exploration of Peru
3) Pizarro was assassinated
VI. Conclusion


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