Fortinbras play review:

The play I decided to write a review on was called, "Fortinbras," and was well worth the time I spent watching it. The play was directed by Sam Arrendonde, and in it played fourteen different characters, who all interacted very well among one another. The play was an extension of the well known play, Hamlet, and was meant to be in the setting of The Castle at Elsinore in Denmark.
Upon the death of Hamlet, the main character, named Fortinbras, took over the former kingdom of Hamlet. With his humr, and strong sense of misdirection, he was unable to do a good job of directing his people. The characters constantly reminded him of how Hamlet ran the kngdom so well, which further infuriated Fortinbras. The humor in the play was very well directed and unplifting but may have been offensive to parents with small children attending the play.
Because of the humor, three hours seemed like only one, and made the play very humorous. The characters all seemed to be in their natural state, and English accents did not seemed forced upon. Most of the characters spoke in their every day AAmerican accent.
The use of modern day technology used in the script added additional laughter and abstract thoughts to the scene. As we know, technology was not a part of the Hamelt era, and seeing this made the play even more humerous. A good deal of the humor which was written into the play was of sexual content. Two of the characters were absoutely infatuated with one anotherand the idea of sexual lust was extremely evident. There was content of excessive kissing, touching and groping, as well as the direct impression of implicit sexuality when Fortinbras was seen under the covers with female character, Ophelia. This form of humor would have been fine for an adult only audience, but small children were seen being uncomfortable during these moments.
Fortinbras, in the long run, was a very well directed play.