Foreshadow paragraph on a Separate Piece

Since Finny saved Gene's life, Gene will thank Finny for what he did to save

his life. Then Gene will go up up to Finny and tell him he is a hero of some type and

say that he should go in the army but Finny will get angry because he is an anti-war

type of guy. when the book says," If Finny hadn't come up right behind me . . . if he

hadn't been there . . . I could have fallen on the bank and broken my back"(24)!, the

reader automatically finds out that Finny is a good kid. Now, after Finny gets that he

is a hero from Gene, he will get all upset and get very mad at Gene. The two best

friends will get extremely mad at each other and the ywill not be best friends

anymore. They will have a dual of who can jump the highest and the longest out of

the tree. When Gene goes and gets really fareout into the deep water, Finny will act

all tough and try to do something amazing to pull off that he can go twice as high and

twice as far as Gene. Then, Finny will lose balance on the limb just like Gene did

and Gene will race out of the water and save Finny. Then Gene will be considered a

hero from Finny's point of view and since they both saved each other one time in

their life, they will have another thing in common and they will become friends again.