Forensic Science

Have you ever wondered who solves those crimes you see on the news, like the Ramsy Killing. Well I would like to tell you a little about who and what does. I would also like to cover Forensics in itself.
There are many types of Forensics. One of which is my favorite, Forensic Pathology. A Forensic Pathologist is a person who solves crimes involving deaths. A Forensic Pathologist investigates the crime scene and the body itself. They look for strange marks on the body, broken bones, blood smears, and bruises. A Forensic Nurse is the newest form of Forensics. They generally nurse the dead to find out things you couldn’t see on site. Another favorite of mine is Forensic Anthropology. They study the bones in cases found such as the case of Anastasia and the Royal Family. Anthropologist- studied the bones to find dates of Deaths, causes, ect. These are just a few of the many topics of Forensics.

Some methods Pathologist use in their studies include the following. Blood is a very common thing to inveterate if the body is missing. You can tell where an injury was given with the scientific formula. If the blood is splattered with tiny ridges around it, it probably came from a blow to the chest or head. If it is in a line the injury occurred between the between the stomach and the knees. Anything below the knee would either be in a circle formation or spread out due to how large the injury was.

Damage to the teeth show sign of abuse, a hard blow to the head, ect. If footprints are found on the body they can also play a part. They can also give clues to the killer s identity. These are just some investigation methods.

Photography is a large part of the Forensic detective department. They use this along with other things for the Court Case and actual solving of the Case. Taking pictures is a great way to prove things. Although a hoax is very easily set up through this if used the proper way this is used as great testimony. One method of taking pictures is to use a Camera with a double setting you get an instant picture and then one personalized picture you can use for future reconstruction of the scene. A thing to look for in the picture is blood saturated cloths, and any fluids involved in the case. The reason for this is that liquids tend to move and shift in a small amount of time. This could lead as far as false accusations.
Due to the risk of these jobs the income gain is very high. Some more popular
Cases can earn you up to 165,000 dollars. Some risk involved is trauma, threats, and even your life can be put in danger. Louis Oark was killed while working on a case in 1983. Gang members were involved in his case and didn’t want him to convict any of those involved in the gang. He was shoot to death on his way home from work.

One case I liked in particular was one that occurred in Brooklyn. A mother and her child found dead. The mother smashed in the head brutally and the child stabbed, beaten, and strangled to death. Fibers of the attackers cloths were under the woman’s nails, and a cigarette left in the ass tray. The cigarettes were saturated in morphine and left in the ashtray. That left reason for them to believe that this was a drug trade. Cops did some under cover service to find out if she was selling or buying. It turned out in the end that she had been only buying. The killer was caught thanks to the fingerprints and cigarette samples and sentenced to life in jail no less the 45 years. Those were just a few things involved in Forensic Sciences today. I hope this was of some interest to you and I hope you will continue to have interest.